She was known as one of the most amazing voices in the music industry. With the immortal song, “At Last”, she made memories for so many. One in particular was when Beyonce sang it for the inaugural ball for President Barack Obama. It was sad when they released the news of her dying Jan. 20 losing her battle with leukemia and dimentia. The passing of the immortal Etta James was hard, but at her funeral today she was honored by family and friends who love and respected her the most.

It was this past Saturday in Gardenia, California where the artist was remembered. She was known as one of the top artists of her time and a woman her surpassed all odds including illness and drug addiction. Through it all, her talent was immeasurable and she a voice that touched so many.  Rev. Al Sharpton gave the eulogy at her funeral and described her rise from extreme poverty and pain to a triumph at becoming an anthem for love at weddings and commercials.

Among the stars performing tributes to her were Stevie Wonder and Christina Aguilera, who also said that in honor of the late singer, she has now added singing “At Last” at every one of her upcoming concerts. Wonder also performed to the attending mourners in front of her casket surrounded by several of her pictures throughout the years. Etta was an amazing soul who made a statement to so many of us and also encapsulated feelings of love and angst in her music. She is also recognized for making an impact and difference throughout the civil rights movement and truly rising above. We will forever miss Etta James and her love songs will live forever.