You may have notice that there is a a more the usual amount of “ Chinese new year “ celebration around this year.  That is because it is the “year of the Dragon”, the most powerful and coveted of the Chinese zodiac symbols.

I have decided that 2012 is also the year of the Curvy Girl, another powerful symbol. I feel that it is appropriate with the changing face of the world in general, popular culture and the way that we are seen. We have dozens of plus sized, full busted and / or curvy icons that have come full force in the last year.

Adele, Melissa McCarthy, Sophia Vergara,  and Kat Dennings are all examples of beautiful womanly figures and all having had new found heights of success. Clothing and fashion has caught up to us, and the world at large has taken notice to the fact that we are not just proud but ACTUALLY sexy. With Adele sweeping the Grammy’s , Octavia Spencer winning the Golden Globe and the SAG award  for  her hilarious and heartfelt performance in ” The Help” and garnering an Oscar nomination along with ” Bridesmaids” funny lady  and Emmy Winner Melissa McCarthy there is just no end in sight for the women who say I am here  BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL.

I would like to extend the year of the Curvy Girl, because being curvy isn’t just about being a big girl or having hips or being thick. It’s really a call to action, and a denial of other people’s opinions on you. The Curvy Girl Movement is about being different , not being the cookie cutter idea of what beautiful is, if that is being (dare I say it) Fat, or very thin, old or pear shaped or red haired or fill in your original, unusual, character or beauty “flaw” and still loving yourself . My point is spend this year, and hopefully every year after being happy that you are healthy, smart, alive, and you. You are special, you are wonderful and you are enough for anyone and anything.