Last week, we lost a truly gifted and talented woman. And on Sunday, she was laid to rest. Whitney Houston was a truly a force to be reckoned with – she was one hell of a singer and a woman with a promising acting career. With three major movies under her belt The Bodyguard, Waiting to Exhale and The Preacher’s Wife, we will also be seeing her in the revision of Sparkle. She was also featured on each soundtrack. This week, treat yourself and watch the movies of our favorite diva that will forever be in our hearts.

The Bodyguard

With Kevin Costner’s moving speech at Whitney’s service – it’s no wonder that there was so much chemistry between the two in the movie The Bodyguard. And it is also evident that Whitney was destined for cinematic greatness in her debut movie. In The Bodyguard we see what happens when a bodyguard does more than just protect his celebrity employer – he also tries to protect her heart.

Waiting to Exhale

Savannah, Bernadine, Robin and Gloria. Four names that have gone down in literary and cinematic history as four of the fiercest fictional characters ever.  With a storyline that shows you the definition of strength, sisterhood and friendship – Terry McMillan’s amazing book – turned – movie showed another evolution in Whitney’s acting abilities. We saw her as strong Savannah, the woman who was also waiting for her moment to “exhale” and have things in her life fit.


The Preacher’s Wife

Starring alongside Denzel Washington and Courtney B. Vance, The Preacher’s Wife showed us Whitney’s roots. A movie built on the principle of having faith, we saw Whitney in rare form as a woman trying to keep her faith while trying to figure out where her life is going. Be sure to keep a box of tissues handy for this movie!


Although she is gone, Whitney Houston touched our hearts and blessed our ears with her contributions to cinema and music history. You can find all of her movies on Netflix and the soundtracks on iTunes.

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