Hello, February Television! As we usher in a new month of 2012, we also usher in a new wave of television seasons, series and specials!

Navigating one’s family tree can be a daunting task. What will you find when you look under rocks and behind closed doors – will it change who you think you are? Add that daunting task plus celebrity status and you have NBC’s Who Do You Think You Are? In previous seasons we have seen the history of some of Hollywood’s biggest stars unfold – Tim McGraw, Vanessa Williams and Lionel Richie to name a few – and this time we will see the history of Rob Lowe, Martin Sheen, Blair Underwood, Helen Hunt, Rashida Jones, Jason Sudeikis, Marisa Tomei, Rita Wilson, Jerome Bettis, Paula Deen, Edie Falco and Reba McEntire when the show’s third season starts up on February 3rd at 8pm on NBC. Hide your hairspray, cheetah print and scissors – Jerseylicious is returning February 19th on Style for its fourth season. Catch Olivia, Tracy and Gigi at 8pm. PS – Do you think Olivia and Tracy will be able to let cut hair be cut hair and put the ghosts of catfights past behind them and become friends? Basketball has more than just their players and scores to worry about this month – VH1’s Basketball Wives is returning to us on February 20th at 8pm. And judging from the trailer that VH1 released in January – the ladies of the league are going to be definitely bringing their “a game”!

Welcome to the small screen Ms. Monroe – NBC will be premiering a new show adequately named Smash (Starring Katharine McPhee, Debra Messing and Anjelica Huston) about the behind the scenes of a Broadway production of the life of the infamous vixen. Smash raises its curtain February 6th at 10pm. Attention Lost fans – a new ABC show may be able to fill your void in television. The River – a show depicting the search for a lost TV show host in the Amazon – will be premiering February 7th at 9/8c.

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL!! Super Bowl  XLVI will commence at 6:30/3:30pm February 5th on NBC. Good luck to the New York Giants and New England Patriots! May the best team win! (Ps – Check out the Food Network’s website for tasty halftime treats!) And the winner is… The Grammys (hosted by the always sexy LL Cool J) will be gracing the screen February 12th at 8pm. Also, the Oscars – hosted by Billy Crystal – will be upon us February 26th at 7e/4p on ABC.

Hopefully, February will not only bring you candy hearts and flowers – but also a new favorite show! Happy watching!