Probably best known as Tyler in Step Up and John from Dear John, 31 year old Channing Tatum is climbing the charts as one of Hollywood’s sexiest unavailable men. During a time where falling in love – and staying in love – in Hollywood has become virtually impossible, Channing is happily married to his Step Up co-star Jenna Dewan. With credits to his name such as Coach Carter, The Dilemma, G.I Joe: The Rise of the Cobra (& the upcoming sequel), Stop-Loss and Fighting (And 21 Jump Street on the horizon)– we’ve grown to love Channing as a soldier, dancer, fighter and “bad guy”. But once again, Channing is taking reprising one of his best roles – amazingly devoted hopeless romantic. We saw his funny side recently on Saturday Night Live, but we’ll be seeing his romantic side with The Vow opening Friday, February 10th.

On Saturday, February 4thSaturday Night Live (SNL) was graced with the privilege of having Channing Tatum as their host. Lucky for us, we saw his fine self as a stripper (sort-of), a love advice hippie, and astronaut that had some alien encounters while in space. But the best part Channing played was himself – and damn. Did anyone else notice how gorgeous he was in his opening scene while explaining his past as a stripper?

Thank goodness for February 10th when The Vow opens in theaters. Starring alongside Rachel McAdams, we see the softer side of Channing as Leo, who is dealing with the aftermath of a horrible accident involving his wife (Rachel McAdams as Paige) that left her with no memories of him – or their incredibly romantic past. How in the world will he get her to remember who he is and how much he loves her? Luckily for us, we won’t have to wait much longer to see how this romantic movie ends – or should I say begins. Be sure to check out for movie times near you.

Thank you Channing Tatum for always playing the sexiest role ever – yourself.