Diary of a Mad Black Woman. I Can Do Bad All By Myself. Madea’s Family Reunion. Madea Goes to Jail. Madea’s Big Happy Family.  Over the years, we have grown to know Tyler Perry as the man behind the infamous Madea. But it’s in those rare moments when we see the man behind the suit – we are truly in the presence of an amazing person whose sexiness goes beyond the physical level. Recently, Tyler Perry released a video via Twitter and Facebook about “How to be Successful.” To say that the video is “inspiring” would be an understatement. Tyler Perry has truly showed that “smart is sexy”. With only a few weeks until the February 24th premier of his latest movie Good Deeds, we are once again going to be in the presence of this physically and intellectually sexy Tyler Perry.

Good Deeds – a  movie that depicts the story of a businessman (Tyler Perry as Wesley Deeds) who has had his life planned for him and is now doing everything in his power to keep that structure. That is, until a woman (Thandie Newton) who is down on her luck accidently crosses his path and shows him that there is more to life than himself and his structured life. Tyler Perry stars alongside Gabrielle Union, Thandie Newton, Brian White and Eddie Cibrian. 

PS – WHO ever said that good guys finish last! Tyler Perry is the living proof that they don’t!

Adrienne Birden

Adrienne is the new biracial “Carrie Bradshaw” - at age 23, this curvy lady is trying to take the world by storm one sentence at a time. She is also a Women's Studies major and an advocate for various causes.

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