Yesterday afternoon, a golden voice was silenced. The world sat back in utter shock as news rippled through the internet and television that one of the original divas – Whitney Houston – had died at 48 years of age. Our hearts have been heavy ever since – we all know that there will never be a singer that will ever be at the same level that Whitney was – and always will be. Despite obstacles that she had along the way – no one can ever deny that she brought the music world to a whole new level when she stepped onto the scene in the 1980s.

In her 48 years of life, she did much more than sing a pretty song or two – she sung anthems. With 11 albums under her belt – including a Christmas album, three soundtracks that she was featured on (including Waiting to Exhale, The Preacher’s Wife & The Bodyguard), a greatest hits album and six studio albums (Whitney Houston, Whitney, I’m Your Baby Tonight, My Love is Your Love, Just Whitney  and her final album – I Look to You).  Her “hits” spanned many over many years – from “Saving All My Love”, “How Will I Know”, “So Emotional” and “One Moment in Time” in the ’80s to “I Will Always Love You”, “Exhale”, “Count on Me” and “When You Believe” (With Mariah Carey) in the ’90s and “Same Script, Different Cast”, “I Look to You” and “Million Dollar Bill” in the first decade of the 2000s. We also loved her in cinema hits such as The Preacher’s Wife, The Bodyguard and Waiting to Exhale alongside some of Hollywood’s most credited actors and actresses. Luckily for us, DVDs and MP3s will keep Whitney’s iconic voice with us forever.

According to E! Online – tonight’s Grammy award show will contain a tribute to the fallen songstress. Whitney will be missed by family, friends and fans worldwide. Be sure to check out for all things Whitney.

Whitney Houston August 9th 1963 – February 11th 2012

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