Welcome back, Curvy Bookworms! As promised, I’m back with this month’s book club pick – ”The Best of Me” by Nicholas Sparks. I hope everyone enjoyed the book as much as I did!

Fifteen plus years after a high school love “ended”; two people find themselves in the town that started it all and under unsettling circumstances. After the death of their dear friend Tuck, Amanda and Dawson return to their small hometown of Oriental, NC to carry out his last wishes. Amanda, now a mother and wife finds herself at a crossroads when she comes face-to-face with the man she never stopped loving. Dawson, who now works on an oil rig, finds himself in the same place as he was fifteen plus year ago – totally in love with Amanda. While carrying out Tuck’s wishes, both are confronted with ghosts – sometimes literally- of their past. What will happen to Amanda and Dawson? What will happen after the weekend that started out as a goodbye but took an interesting turn? Sorry readers don’t want to spoil the ending! But you can check out the book at Amazon.com/Half.com/most retail stores. As with all Nicholas Sparks’ books – this one will leave you holding onto a box of tissues and hoping that you’re wrong about how you think the book is going to end. As always – this is another book that SHOULD be turned into a movie.

Now here’s the fun part ladies, its question time! It doesn’t matter if you’re discussing over drinks or at home on the phone in your jammies with your best pal – here are a few questions to help you jump start the conversation:

1)      What do you think about Amanda’s relationship with her mother? Did it evolve in the last few chapters? If so, how?

2)      What do you think of the ending?

3)      What do you think about the “Ghost”?

4)      Do you think Dawson was right about what he was living for?

5)      How do you feel about Tuck’s confession about “seeing” Clara?

6)      Did the last few chapters surprise you?

7)      How was Frank and Amanda’s relationship like Amanda and Dawson’s? How was it different?

8)      How do you feel about the evolution of Dawson and Amanda’s relationship?


April’s Bookworm pick is: Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man by Steve Harvey  (In honor of Think Like A Man premiering April 20th!)