For the past nine years, John Mayer’s name has become linked to various things: hit maker, heartthrob, heart breaker & philanthropist. But despite all of his titles, there is one undeniable truth – John Mayer has the uncanny ability to bring a listener to a new place with every melody he brings to life. His latest album “Born and Raised” is no exception to his “hit making” rule. The first single off the album “Shadow Days” brings lyrics such as “I’m a good man / With a good heart / Had a tough time / Had a rough start” to an album that is filled with what we have grown to love most about John Mayer – sincerity and heart. Be sure to pick up the album on iTunes and major retail stores.

1)      Queen of California

2)      The Age of Worry

3)      Shadow Days

4)      Speak for Me

5)      Something Like Olivia

6)      Born and Raised

7)      If I Ever Get Around to Living

8)      Love Is A Verb

9)      Walt Grace’s Submarine Test, January 1967

10)   Whiskey, Whiskey, Whiskey

11)   A Face To Call Home

12)   Born and Raised (Reprise)

13)   Fool To Love You

Adrienne Birden

Adrienne is the new biracial “Carrie Bradshaw” - at age 23, this curvy lady is trying to take the world by storm one sentence at a time. She is also a Women's Studies major and an advocate for various causes.

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