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Celebrity Chef @Paula_Deen’s Mega Million Dollar Empire Is Falling Fast! Dropped by over 5 Companies!
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If you haven’t heard the recent story of Celebrity Chef and multi-company spokesperson Paula Deen‘s life is heating up very quick! The 66-year-old highly recognized food guru is in the hot seat for admitting using racial slurs during her recent deposition as she faces many charges during this lawsuit with former manager Lisa Jackson. The past week Deen has lost over 5 contracts with some big name companies after she admitted using the “N” word while she was under oath in court last week.

If you missed it then we are going to get you caught up on this terrible situation one of CURVY’s favorite TV personalities is facing. First she is dropped by the same network that introduced the southern girl to the world, Food Network just days after her deposition caught the media attention. The company stated that they would not renew Deen’s contract once it ended in June.

According to PEOPLE Magazine, the lost of Food Network’s contract will cost Deen $1 million dollars out her estimated $18 million dollar income. The magazine reports that a friend of Deen said that “She isn’t upset about the loss of money because she’ll have all the money she’ll need. She’s upset about her reputation”. Yeah, but we know she has to feel some type of way due to her loss income because she’s lost more than one contract!

Novo Nordisk, creator of the diabetes drug Victoza, dropped Paula just days after Food Network. It’s reported that the drug prescription ranges from $200-$500 monthly! Now that’s some serious cash. Foody Anthony Bourdain disagreed with Paula’s decision to become the spokesperson for the company stating that “it’s just not right to make money off a disease that millions suffer from. How much money do she need?” Dean is also a diabetic herself.

Paula has also parted ways with QVC,Walmart, Target, Caesars Entertainment stripped her name from restaurants, and Sears, who sold her cookware and furniture. She can also risk losing her other contracts with Synergy USA, company who sold her spices, GoBo Enterprise, sells her frozen food, Springer Mountain Farms (chicken), Harra’s restaurants, International Greetings PLC, a paper goods company, Kaleen Rugs, Universal, and  Serta, yes the mattress people!

Deen had issue an apology video stating that she was sorry and even asked to be “stoned” for her wrong doings!


In The New York Times in 2012, Deen went more into her attitude towards race saying “We’re all prejudice against one thing or another. I think black people feel the same prejudice that white people feel.”

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But it’s get deeper too! PEOPLE reports that at an event for Deen she instructed one of her black employees to the stage and he complied while standing in front of a black backdrop. “We can’t see you standing in front of that dark board!…Welcome to the south!”  This isn’t looking good for you girl.

Let’s not forget that she wanted to have a “plantation style” wedding for her brother Earl “Bubba” Heirs back in 2007. “The whole entire wait staff was middle-aged back men and they had on beautiful white jackets with a black bow tie…I remember saying I would love to have servers like that, but I would be afraid somebody would misinterpret.”

You got that right Paula! What are your thoughts on this major headlining story? Have they went to far or not enough?

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  • The past is the past why worry now that was 27 years ago poor lady 🙁 all singers say what she said and there not doing nothing about it

  • Exactly! ^^ why Don’t people stop buying artist cd’s??? It doesn’t make any sense that this Woman said a not so polite word and everyone is giving her hell for it while all these artist Call Women so many derogatory names. Think about it people!?!! Leave her alone.

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