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#Scandal Recap S3 Ep2: Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner
Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner?

Did you miss last night’s episode of Scandal? Well, right from the start, it seems like Olivia and her father have always had something of a contentious relationship that seems to have stemmed from him sending her away after the death of her mother. But, it seems like she has been reluctant to forgive him for sending her away, and the reluctantly have an agreement to have Sunday dinners together. It seems like early on, she wasn’t aware of his true job. He spoke on his cover with her over dinner. It was interesting. I wonder when she finds out what his true job is. We are also treated to an early example of Huck looking out for her when she’s attacked in a subway station.

Liv and the President share a phone call over a phone that was subtly handed to her by a Secret Service agent who jogged past her. He speaks on his meeting with the Dali Lama and she tells him that to clear her client’s name, she has to come after the White House, and she has to go hard. He tells her to go ahead and go for the jugular. During the chat Fitz tells her in a fantasy life they are married with children and she makes jam. She ends the conversation reiterating that she has to come at the White House hard.

Cyrus and Mellie are discussing where the White House intern are when Olivia’s father calls Cyrus to tell him that Janine, the intern, is a gift from heaven, mana from the Gods, so why hasn’t the White House come out and confirmed the affair, why hasn’t he made Fitz come out and confirm it. Cyrus tells him he can’t make the President do anything but shut him out. Another White House employee comes to tell Cyrus he’s found Janine, and they find her having a press conference with Olivia denying the affair. And so it begins.

We are treated to learning more about Huck and his relationship with Olivia. She visits him again after he saved her and asks him where he learned to fight like that. At first, he’s mistrusting of her and doesn’t give her a straight answer. She tells him that he can tell her and that he can trust her and he gives her the full run down. Mind you, he’s still very…unstable compared to how we know him now and he runs down everything in a long run-on sentence from what his job was, where it was, but only tells her what he knows, no real names, and even talks about his being in a hole and not being so good at his job. He then asks if she and her father can eat somewhere that serves cheeseburgers.

Well, Olivia and her father have dinner at his house, where he has apparently cooked dinner for them, and she seems surprised he learned how to cook. Things seem a bit warmer than before at the restaurant. He introduces her to “good” wine and he tells her the best place in town to get some. So, her father is quite upset about her mugging incident in the subway, which she told him about via e-mail, very impersonal, and he scolds her for it. They then discuss the homeless man who saved her. She says he’s sweet to her and he isn’t pleased that she is socializing with homeless men in the subway. She then discusses what he told her about him being an assassin for the CIA and tells her dad about the code name for the place that he used to work at, and even though he has a good poker face, we know that it resonates in him. He tries to instill suspicion in her stating he’s clearly mentally ill for weaving the story that he’s told her. She wants her father to ask around and look into his story for her.

Cyrus and Mellie are trying to convince Fitz to get on tv to confirm the affair, and of course, Fitz is having none of it. Mellie is being bull-headed as usual and already has a plan in place to make it look like the President and Janine spent numerous times together while she was out-of-town and they were in proximity to each other. Cyrus deciphers her plan and feels it’s a good one, and the go with it. They even take it a step further that when it’s leaked to the press, they make it seem like she accessed Mellie’s schedule in order to plan to have her and the President alone together in the West Wing. As Olivia and her colleagues try to find a way to refute what is being fed to the press, her and Huck arrive at her office only to find, Olivia’s dad there in the office waiting on them, talking to some of her employees. Olivia seems none too pleased and he introduces himself to Huck, who smiles. I can’t tell if he recognizes him or not.

Olivia strolls through the subway station but there is no sign of Huck. She then visits her father and asks him if he had his friend look into the story that Huck told her. He not only tells her that there is no such thing, he says that a man fitting his description was arrested the other day suffering from mental illness. She doesn’t sound convinced with what he’s telling her based on what she’s seen from him. He implores her to drop it and let it go. We get another example of his stern demeanor when he gives her a look and she meekly agrees to let it go. Back in the present at her office, it seems her and her father had an agreement, that he stays away from her people, especially Huck. But it seems that he is there to talk about Janine, the woman she’s representing. In an effort to get her to back down, and have America believe that Janine was the woman Fitz was having an affair with, he dangles the fate of Jake Ballard in front of her. She asks how does she know that he isn’t already dead, he smiles and laughs, and says, “You don’t.” She asks him what did he do to him, and her father says, ask Huck.

Apparently Liv has asked someone in the morgue to keep an eye out for any unidentified males who come in fitting the description of Jake Ballard, and every time the find someone, she insists on coming down and seeing in person if its him or not. Olivia goes to Huck and says that she needs to ask him about B613, the place where he used to work. She opens up to him and tells him that Jake Ballard has been taken and if she doesn’t roll over on Janine something will happen to Jake, so she asks, what happens over there. He tells her they spent a lot of money-making you, and they don’t like losing their investment so they try to reprogram you at first, using The Hole, darkness, isolation, and pain. And, if that doesn’t work, they make you wish you were dead. She calls Fitz and asks him if Jake is alive, he asks why wouldn’t he be and she tells him that B613 has him. The look on his face is perplexing. He tells her that he’s not his favorite person right now, while she reminds him that he saved her life, and Fitz says he’s good at that. He begs him to find out if he’s still alive and if he is to get him away from them.

David Rosen had facial hair! Olivia first meets David Rosen regarding Huck. In talking to him about Huck, she comes to find out that Huck was not in fact arrested. So now, she has to deal with the fact that her father has lied to her about Huck. Her tenacity was evident even then and she went out to try to find out more about the truth about Huck and where he came from. When she stumbles upon a street sign reading Wonderland, she then digs through her purse and finds a pen her father gave her from a company called ACME Limited, which Huck mentioned was a front for B613. They meet for dinner and as he begins the small talk about the food, the look on her face gives him pause. She says nothing and places the ink pen in front of her father. She starts to question him about what he does for a living. She asks does he teach people how to kill? Does he throw people in a hole until they go insane? Does he work in Wonderland? He doesn’t answer her directly. He says that he is her father. He only tells her how she is to act in his presence. He tells her not to ask questions about things she cannot handle the answers to, she does not know him in that way and does not want to know him in that way. He tells her that it would break his heart if she were to know him in that way. He enjoys these Sunday dinners that she makes him pay for, and that she is on his dime so she will pick up her menu, order from it, and tell her about her day. She gets up, and walks away.

Quinn hacked Olivia’s email and found out that they used to have a standing dinner date, and Huck tries to suggest that she stop. Based on the way their emails and dinner dates stop that they had a pretty big falling out. Huck says that he knows he’s taught her a lot of things, but that she should try to be less like him, and more like Liv.

Meanwhile, back at the White House Fitz meets with Cyrus and tells him that Jake Ballard has been taken by B613. Cy initially tries to play ignorant as to what that is, but Fitz knows better. The President tells Fitz that he wants Jake released. Cyrus tells him that they can’t ask for that based upon how that division was set up, they don’t answer to the Executive Branch. They are entirely isolated to protect the White House with plausible deniability. The mandate for B613 is the preservation of the Republic (USA) and they are not his biggest fans right now. They are not the type of enemy any world leader would want to have. He orders Cyrus to find out if he is at least still alive.

Olivia’s Gladiators get to work. First, they scare Ethan into working to get the IMs off of the White House servers that are time stamped to help prove that Janine and The President were never alone together. Then, Liv sets it up so the world hears from Janine in person, live on tv in the morning. The begin to prep her like you would a witness testifying. Janine begins to break down over what she would be doing if none of this had happened, instead she is shopping for clothes for her interview. Olivia gives one of her patented reassuring speeches to her client.

Mellie sits and watches a news program discussing the affair and states that if it wasn’t Janine and it wasn’t Olivia, who was it? The begin to question her credibility and states that she is a woman of a certain age and it wouldn’t be the first time an older woman go upset over nothing. They state that she is a capable and intelligent woman herself and that she could have had a political career of her own.

Olivia gets a phone call and she heads out the door while Janine lies resting on her couch. After she leaves, a phone on the table next to the couch vibrates and Janine picks it up and reads a message. We don’t know what it says yet. Olivia is back at the morgue again, checking another body. Once again, its not Jake Ballard. Janine heads out to a car and gets in, and its Mellie. Janine begins by stating that she didn’t and never would have an affair with The President. Mellie tells her that she knows it wasn’t her, and that she wants to talk about her future. Liv returns home and Janine is back on the couch awake.

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In a flashback, Olivia goes to visit her father for Sunday dinner, much to his surprise, and introduces him to Senator Davis, who proposed to her, and she finally accepted, none of which he knew ahead of time. It seems that the Senator was recently appointed to the Intel committee that oversees things and sees that rules are obeyed and that people aren’t just abducted or anything like that. She tells her father to give Huck back to her.

Abby goes to meet Ethan to get the IMs from him and he says that he can’t. Janine told Ethan to destroy the IMs. Olivia quickly realizes that someone from the White House has gotten to her. All of this, mere moments before the interview is to begin. She figures out that she is going to get on live tv and tell the world that she had the affair. She gets another phone call in her office, this one is from Fitz, she asks did his people do this, he responds Jake Ballard is alive. He tells her he can’t get him out and they won’t release him. She tells him there is a reason that they aren’t together, there is a reason they don’t live in Vermont, have a family it’s so he can be the President so bring him back! They are ready to start the interview and she’s trying to stall them. She calls her father and asks him to spare a man’s life. He tells her what happens to Jake is all up to her. She says that she’ll put Sunday dinners back on the table. He’ll take that under consideration.

Olivia tells Janine that she is not going on tv right now to admit to an affair that she did not have. Janine plays coy at first, Olivia tells her to stop lying. They are giving her two million dollars in a Cayman account tax-free, she says might as well profit off of it. Olivia tells her don’t do this, you don’t lie because every time you do you have live with the lies. You will look in a mirror and you will hate yourself. Olivia turns her over for the interview, and the crew gets notice that they are being preempted by The President. Cyrus has no idea what he’s about to do. Fitz tells him that it’s all up to him. They are playing let’s make a deal. Door number one is him getting in front of the press and saying that Cyrus orchestrated a cover up and ruined a girl’s life when all he ever wanted to do was tell the truth and say he had an affair with Olivia Pope. Door number two is giving Cyrus what he wants and admitting he had an affair with Janine and call his friends at B613 and release Jake Ballard. He tells Cy to make a decision now because he’s about to get on live tv and needs to know what to say. He asks how Presidential are his balls now Cy?

Flashback time, Olivia finds a beaten up Huck in the subway again. Her father calls her right after she tells Huck she’s going to take him to get a cheeseburger. She angrily asks him what he wants. He thought she’d start with a thank you after getting her friend back. She asks again, what does he want. He states he only wants her happy and feels that Senator Davis might not be the right man for the job. She asks him what has happened. Senator Davis was in a serious accident and is at Washington Memorial and is badly injured, and isn’t sure he’ll pull through. He tells her that when she gives the ring back to him, let him down easy, he’s been through enough. Olivia tells her father that she will stay away from him and what he does and in return, he will do the same and stay away from her it’s over. He tells her, “We are family. We’re never done.”

Fitz gets on television and says that he did have an inappropriate affair with someone at the White House and it was, Janine Locke. He follows by apologizing for any pain he’s caused. After that, he’s leaving the press conference and up comes Vice President Langston. She questions whether or not Janine really posed any threat to his marriage, but she says she does know this is some kind of dodge of his. Some kind of way of him avoiding the promise he made to her about setting her up for the Oval Office soon. He then begins to make her very uncomfortable with faux details of his relationship with Janine.

Janine asks Olivia why he would say that. Why would he get on tv and say they slept together when they didn’t. Olivia just walks away from her without saying  a word. Abby tells her they’ll set up follow-up interviews and a book deal. She says you’re getting what you wanted. Well, Quinn goes and tells Huck that she knows he told her to stop, but she was doing what he told her, being like Olivia. Her gut told her there was something in Olivia’s email she had to find. It talks about some homeless guy she used to give change to in Union Station who saved her. It says that she asked her dad to look into him just before the email stop. Quinn asked wasn’t he homeless in Union Station. Huck meets Liv in the parking lot and has two questions for her. First, why did she lie to him? She says she never lied to him. He says that she said there was no deal for him. He says that she used to talk to her father about him and she got mugged and they took him, but the put him back and never tried to find him again. And she stopped talking to her father then and doesn’t talk to him any more. Right after that, Huck goes at Liv and pins her to the car and he asks her how high up is her father in B613, she is terrified because he has never acted this way toward her. He asks is her father Command? Before she can answer, he is aware of how he is acting, and shakily backs away from her. He then asks her one more time, and she says yes, he is. He says nothing and just walks away.

Olivia is back at home and her father calls her and tells her to open her front door. She opens it, and its a badly beaten Jake Ballard. While she lays eyes upon Jake her father tells her what time to be at his house on Sunday and that he will choose the wine. And Jake collapses. Yes this episode ends with us getting a very abused Jack back. You can watch this episode on line at ABC’s website.

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