Meghan Trainor

By now you have probably heard it. If you have not you are in for some body popping fun. It’s been predicted that it is one of the hottest songs of the summer. Trainor’s song  ‘All about that Bass’ has climbed to No. 2 in sales on iTunes this week. At Curvy, we are excited to hear this celebratory and  fun anthem encouraging you to get out and shake that booty.



It is also inspiring to see Meghan Trainor taking her gift and empowering women all over the world to celebrate  their body types and who they are no matter what your size is.We have been following her and even though she has become a star overnight with her song and even appearing on the Today Show. She has really won our hearts by leaving the window open on this journey for us to see inside and being so real through her song. On her Facebook page, she posted pictures of her dad hearing her song on the radio the first time. The look of pride and excitement for his daughter really connected us even more with her.  She also posted a picture of her getting ready to go on the Today show with the caption:

holy crap I’m gonna be on the #TODAYshow nervous face

Today show

She has left herself vulnerable for our hearts to connect to who she is as a young woman and how just doing what you love sometimes is just enough.

From all of us here at Curvy: Hold onto to it, Meghan! This moment, this impact, you are making is not only through your song but by being who you are for other women to see it can be done. We are very proud to have your song as our anthem this summer and beyond.  We are cheering you on.

Readers, post a video of you here at Curvy signing or dancing to “It’s all about that Bass” and you could win a free Curvy T-Shirt!

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