Curvy Magazine got the pleasure of sitting down with one of EDM’s most recognized Vocalist, Dorothy Sherman of the power duo “Shermanology”. We got the behind the scenes scoop on Shermanology’s creative process, what they’re listening to now and how they are taking their new music to the next level.

Could you tell us a bit about Shermanology?

Shermanology: Shermanology is a vocal house act consisting of brother (Andy Sherman: DJ/Singer) and sister  (Dorothy Sherman: Singer)

We were born into a musical family.  My father is an artist  (his name is Tony Sherman). Back in the day he was in a group called “Sherman Brothers” because he joined forces with his brothers. So we are kind of doing what he was doing ! Andy is the dj and he sings as well and I am the lead singer.

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At what point in your lives did you know that you were committing to create music?

Shermanology: We did so many things before we started this “Shermanology thing” , We were an R&B group, then did Motown shows. After that we were a band. In 2006 we decided to start writing music. At one point we were working at a bank and we knew that the office life was not for us so… we quit our day jobs.

Shortly after we started  Andy sent an email to Fedde Le Grand and about a week or 2 later our first song “3 minutes to explain” was written . It did not take long to write that song so that was when we decided to start creating music !

How do you feel about the recent boom of EDM and its culture ? (Good, Bad, Why, Why not)

Shermanology: When we started to do EDM music we didn’t think it would become this big… We are happy that it did because it gave us and many other a chance to go and see the world. The fact that we travel to places we wouldn’t normally go is great, there is so much to see in the world.

Was creating electronic dance music your original plan, if not what persuaded you to go in that direction ?

Shermanology: For me (Dorothy) it wasn’t, I wanted to do ballads and R&B. When I am driving in my car I blast out ballads!! Whitney and Mariah and Beyonce all day!

Andy used to live in England a few years ago . He was the front man of “Artfull Dodger”  and after a year or two when he moved back to the Netherlands he decided to be an MC and he was always on the decks at his friend’s house. Once I saw that this as another avenue to sing, I quit my day job and became a vocal mc as well. And as soon as Andy got confident in his DJ skills he told me, “Yo dolly how about we start an act …” and I was like ok that sounds cool ! About 2 months later we had our first gig at a big venue. So from there on out the pressure was on !

Once we did that first show it went kind of quick. A whole new world opened for us

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The new “Phylosophy” mix tape just dropped and I listen to “Shermania” often. You guys drop funky beats to heavy bass to throwbacks and everything in-between.  How do you decide which songs are going to make the cut ?

Shermanology: The songs that we like, we play in the mix tape. Andy is the one who picks the songs  thankfully we like the same songs… most of the time. (laughs)

We love bass driven music!

What are a few of your personal favorites in music?

Shermanology: We have so many artists that we like! I will list a few artists we listen to now; Jhene Aiko ( the worst is the song that I can’t get enough of ) , D’angelo, Kwabs, Tank, Lalah Hathaway , Birdy ,Kendrick Lamar, Frank Ocean, Jake and Papa, J. Cole , Jazmine Sullivan, James Blake, Ro James, Keyshia Cole, Marsha Ambrosius, Sia, Sam Smith, Ariana Grande , Mali Music, Common, Keke Wyatt, Tarrus Riley, Chronix, Kranium, Busy Signal, Janelle Monae, Faith Evans… just to name a few.

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A while back the remaining members of Krewella publicly stated that there is a lot of “Sexism” in dance music culture. Do you feel like there is any truth to this ?

Shermanology: Fortunately for us we have never been confronted with that. But I do feel that it a “Mans world” and we need more women in this EDM/dance world. It gets a little lonely sometimes, I am surrounded by men all the time !!!

“So this is a shout out to all the ladies who want to become a dj, go for it ….I need you out here” lol.

What do you enjoy the most, Performing live for the fans or creating the music ?

Shermanology: I love both! I see it as part 1 and 2 actually. Part 1:  Going all out in the studio, Writing music is always nice because you get to create something. You never know what you are going to come up with. Sometimes we write 5 songs a day and its exciting than sometimes we are not in the flow at all. Recording is fun because it’s also a creative process. We like to record harmony’s, it’s super fun ! It’s like when you have a piece of paper and  you see that it is blank and then you imagine what kind of art you can create on in… and then you go for it. In the end it came out just we way you imagined it or… you hate it and throw it away. Performing live is part 2 : Getting the energy of our fans is amazing because they like what we’ve created! They sing along with the songs and we love to see who they are ! We get a chance to meet them and party with them, I obviously don’t think I can choose between the two.

My personal favorite song to party to is your song “Blessed” (The Avicii Edit), How did that collaboration take place ?

Shermanology: We wrote “Blessed” about 3/4 years before it came out, Andy sent an email to Avicii to see if he was up for it to do a collab with us , and he said yes. So we sent him a couple of options and blessed was one of them. We actually weren’t going to send “Blessed ” but eventually we did and he chose that on.

Blessed was a duet with Andy and it had deep house music.  Avicii turned it into a whole different song and we loved it !

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What is the most memorable thing a fan has ever done ?

Shermanology: Well when you see a tattoo of your music on someone’s arm is something pretty amazing. T-shirts with I love you Shermanology, gold chains and bracelets with “blessed” engraved. I think it is beautiful to get anything from fans who put their time into something that they made especially for you, Or when someone tells you that you are an inspiration to them is the most precious thing to hear. Other people inspire us so it is nice to hear that we inspire some people as well.

With the mixtape drop and the singles before it out, What’s next for Shermanology?

Shermanology: We just released an EP with our new sound ! On “The Phylosophy EP” We get a little more soulful and funky. We love electronic music but it is time to do something a little different. We hit the reset button this year and so far so good. We went back into the lab and decided to make music that gives us a little more freedom to be creative.

The music that we are making now feels good to us and we are grateful for the opportunity to put it all out there. Before we were doing EDM we were playing more funky bass driven music, and we are going back to our roots! We love so many other types of music and we feel that we want to explore and experiment a bit more with our music so don’t be surprised if you hear a balled passing by.

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