I can feel it in the air. It is that time of year, the time of year you put a little pep in your step, lighten your hair, pack away the winter clothes and emerge a  beautiful sun-kissed version of yourself. No, I am not talking about Summer, I am talking about the greatest time of year… Festival Season. Every year hundreds of thousands of music lovers take to the dirt and head out to their favorite music festivals.


edclas vegas


My absolute favorite music festival is the Electric Daisy Carnival by Insomniac Events. EDC originated in Los Angeles, California but due to some unfortunate events, the festival relocated to Las Vegas. The music festival starts in about 2 weeks and is held from Friday June 17th to Sunday June 19th. An estimated 130,000 to 150,000 fans will walk through the gates of EDC daily. Last month the highly anticipated show sold out without even releasing a lineup of artist. But, shortly after released a full lineup via founders Pasquale Rotella’s radio show “Nightowl Radio”.


edc las vegas lineup curvy


Electric Daisy Carnival is coming back to the fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada for yet another year bringing the electric sky to their west coast home. EDC 2016 is not just coming back to Vegas, But celebrating its 20 year anniversary. Being that it is Music Monday, We are showcasing a few of the must see acts gracing the stage during this year’s Electric Daisy Carnival.


edc las vegas sky



Track 1: ILI by Troyboi


The London wonder Mr. Troyboi has dropped some new bangers for us yet again. Troy was our muse in a Music Monday from a while back featuring a track he teamed up with Diplo and Nina Sky to bring to life. T-r-o-y-b-o-i will be in the place this year adding to the heat in Vegas for EDC. His funky beats and groovy tunes will draw a crowd of fans both new and old.

Track 2: Don’t let me down (T-Mass Remix) by The Chainsmokers


Don’t let me, don’t let me, don’t let me downnnnnnn… I mean come on, The Chainsmokers are literally tearing up the charts right now with their single “Don’t let Me Down” featuring the beautiful vocals of recording artist Daya. This recently certified DOUBLE PLATINUM duo will be gracing the stage at Electric Daisy Carnival. Their crowd will be heard from miles and miles away belting out lyrics to their ballads. Loving the progression and evolution of these guys in the music industry, and to think they made that “let me take a selfie” song when they have been hiding this type of talent under their sleeves.

Track 3: You Don’t Know (Just a Gent Remix) by Alison Wonderland

alison wonderland

Electric Daisy Carnival is all about taking a trip outside the regular world and traveling to a fantasy land. Miss Wonderland aka Alex Sholler hailing from the glorious Sydney, Australia knows a thing or two about taking her audience on a journey down the rabbit hole. Gracing stages all over the world from her bass filled epic set in Miami, Florida at Ultra 2016 to her vibe-a-licious mix in the middle of the ocean for Mad Decent Boat Party. Girl power in the form of bass will be felt this year at EDC during Alison Wonderlands set for sure.

Track 4: I Like Tuh (w/ ILoveMakonnen) by Carnage

dj carnage

Calling all Chipotle Gang members and ASOC Mob, The Kingpin Diamonte or as we know him Dj Carnage is ready to tear up EDC 2016. Papi Gordo himself has vowed to bring the beats and the extra bass hard this year with his hashtag #ripedc ! ASOC Boyz will be out in the thousands to support Carnage this year with his headlining spot on Electric Daisy Carnivals infamous “Mainstage”. Carnage definitely knows how to get a party started and this year the party is going to reach a whole new level.

Track 5: Middle (4B Remix) by Dj Snake

dj snake middle

I promise to build a new world, for us two… With you in the middle ! Sorry, I was just singing in my head. Dj Snake has taken over the music industry from the inside out. “Turn down for what” was Dj Snake’s first breakout hit, and as we all know, you couldn’t avoid listening to that song, even if you tried. Then dropping this epic tune “Middle” he has his finger on every aspect of the industry right now. Snake is a Grammy award winning producer from France creating tracks for the likes of mother monster Lady Gaga, He is a sure fire must see for the EDC audience this year.