don't call me carnage young thug


Sometimes that one person can just get under your skin, you don’t want to see them and you just don’t even want to hear their voice. Looking for a song that puts those emotions to a sexy bass-line and some groovy lyrics, well here you are. “Don’t Call Me” produced by Carnage featuring Young Thug and Shakka.


dj carnage rare norcal


This isn’t the first time Carnage and Young Thug joined forces. Earlier this year at San Jose State University located in Northern California Carnage through the 2nd installment to his music festival “Rare” by Insomniac Events which head lined the world star rapper Young Thug.


dj carnage


The combination of the melodic tempo by Carnage, Mixed with the swagger of Young Thug, Melting together with the hook by Shakka , this song in a sure-fire hit that marries the end of summer to the beginning of fall in the best way.


young thug carnage rare norcal