Single Ladies Season 2 Premieres May 28 with New Cast!

Siiiiiingle Laaaaaaadies! Last year’s smash hit is returning to Vh1’s Monday night lineup! The stars of the series may have changed, but it’s a sown to love will stay the same – simply scandalous and fabulous. Stacy Dash  literally dashed from Single Ladies abruptly after Season 1 wrapped. No confirmed reason why but  its rumored that Dash was a handful being a Dashing Diva. VH1 announced in December that model-turned-actress Denise Vasi will join the Single Ladies Season 2 cast. Vasi is casted as Raquel, a close friend of Keisha and April (Lisa Raye and Charity Shea), who plays savvy business woman from a prominent Southern family on a quest to discover passion. Sounds like Stacy Dash‘s character has been completely written out the show. Be sure to catch the return of Single Ladies this Monday at 9/8c only on VH1!