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Lindsay Lohan Turns Down $550K!

lindsay-lohanWhat’s the reason behind all this?

It has been reported that Lindsay Lohan has turned down her latest offer for ABC‘s “Dancing With The Stars”.

TMZ says that the wild actress has declined a staggering $550,000 to be on the 16th season of the hit show. Now mind you that Lohan owes $230k to the IRS so one would think that she would jump on this offer! But we guess that’s not the case.

Maybe Lindsay knows her limit (non-alochol wise) and just isn’t a good dancer and don’t want to add this to her resume of many fails and attempts? Maybe she’s thinks she’s worth more? Or it could be that the “Mean Girls” star schedule conflicts with the timing of the show? Or could it be that she’s going to continue to depend on Charlie Sheen, and his suprising change of heart, and take more money from him?

Whatever the case may be, viewers are asking WHY LINDSAY!

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“Dancing With The Stars” new season premiers March 18 at 8/7 only on ABC.

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