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“….if I was a boy…even just for a day….”


As Beyonce is preparing for her “The Mrs. Carter World Tour“, you cant help but to think back on the hits that lead this pop megastar to greatness. One hit being the successful ballad “If I Were A Boy” which was debuted alongside “Single Ladies” off her 2008 album “I Am…Sascha Fierce” The song moved people and showed men just how much life is different just being a woman. Along with the song, The Queen Bee released a video to it and blew the roof off YouTube’s viewing charts! ……100 million views that is. One might say this was the project that would take ex-pro football player now actor, and Bey’s boy-toy in the video, Eddie Goines, career to the next level. CURVY has the latest on this actor on the rise about his his accomplishments and latest movie by Magnolia Films, “The Coaliton“…… Oh yeah, did I mentioned he has a thing for the woman of shape? (Dont forget to join the DVD giveaway contest at the bottom of the interview!)

Hello Eddie, on behalf of CURVY, I would like to first thank you for reaching out to CURVY for this interview. I know the readers are wondering, so let me ask, who is Eddie Goines?

Eddie: (Laughs) Who is Eddie Goines? Well, I use to play football in the NFL, and now I’m acting. But the bottom line of who I am, is that I’m a dreamer.I just want to move people. I want to use my art to make a difference in the wold.

Nicely put. Now let’s drift back to your NFL days. I read that you use to play for TheSeattle SeaHawks amongst other teams, but something dramatic happened that changed your career with the league forever. Care to explain?

Eddie: Yea. I was with the Seattle SeaHaulks for about 3 1/2 years. But due to having 6 major knee surgeries over a 4 year span, I had to stop playing the sport. It was one of those things that just didn’t play out. At the same time that it was a dream come true, it was a nightmare all in the same. It was a dream to be there with these guys you admire and see on TV, but it was a nightmare because I wasn’t given the opportunity that I would have liked due to my health.

Sorry to hear that. But you can say it helped pave your way to your current career now because now you’re in the newly released film, “The Coalition“, that’s produced by a member of this years Superbowl XLVII champion team, The Baltimore Ravens. Tell us about the your latest project and how that came about.

Eddie: Well to start, I would have to say that the Beyonce video was the reasoning behind the casting for “The Coalition”.  I really commend Terell Suggs, who’s the executive producer of the film and Monica Mingo, who directed it. They wanted to use actors who wasn’t “burnt out” or used repeatedly, and to give the opportunity for some new faces to shine.The video caught their eye and I got call, we went from that. The movie is about a character named Prime Alexander, which is who I play, and he is a mega star basketball player. The movie follows me and my group of friends, and shows relationships issues that come with being with someone of that lifestyle, kind of leaning towards the bad side, ha. It’s totally a reflection on real life, and unfortunelty, somethings in life isn’t all what they seem to be.

Sounds interesting! Cant wait to check it out, especially since the movie is already making a lot of noise. Congrats on it already winning “Best Film” at the Media Makers Film Festival. I know Terrell is excited about that. Speaking of the Superbowl winner, did your team win? And do not say the Ravens because your boy casted you for the lead role in the film!

Eddie: Haha! No those guys really deserve it! I had to root for them. Ray Lewis, the linebacker for the team, and I are from the same hometown back in Florida.

Ok, let’s go back to working with the one they call Beyonce. How was it working with the one of R&B’s biggest artist and how do you think she did at the Superbowl after the whole lip sync gig she did for President Obama?

Eddie: Beyonce is phenonomal man. She’s puts so much passion and effort into everything that she does and I applaud her on that. She probably was extra inspired because of that which lead her to put on one hell of a show!  Working with Beyonce, I witness that she’s just a true down to earth woman. She’s very cool, but when it was time to work, she goes to work! It was an honor to work with someone who we will look at in a few decades as this generations Ella Fitzgerald or Billie Holiday, to me anyway. I want to that Winfred Sinclair on casting me for the video, a lady who I had to have sent over 50 postcards in hopes she would recognize me and she did.

Everything happens for a reason! So Beyonce wasn’t the only artist you played “lover” for in a video, how was it getting all close and personal with R&B artist and know back up singer for Erykah Badu, N’Dambi?


Eddie: That was a honor as well. N’Dambi is great artist. I cant wait for her next album to come out. Im really blessed to have worked with two artist who not only looks great, but makes great music! While I’ve only been in two music videos, but I feel very honored to have worked with such.

But music hasn’t just been your biggest breakout as an actor, you’ve bumped heads with some of Hollywoods elite in the film industry. Starting with a commercial directed by very know Academy Award nominated director?

Eddie: Yea, I was in a commercial directed by Spike Lee. It was 2-day shoot, and I got to hang out with Spike and Charles Barkley, who I co-starred in the production with. This was an honor because Charles was basically one of my favorite basketball players growing up, and Spike….Spike is a legend! (laughs) That was really was incredible.

So with all this success, it’s known that the glitz and glam of Hollywood is life changing. What has been your best and worst experience in the city that make and break people?

Eddie: Lets see, my best has to both the Beyonce experience and when I had a small leading role in the film “American Gangster” starring Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe. Those really are my two favorite productions I’ve been a part of to date. The worst would have to be kicking it with a particular actress, who’s name I cannot say, but I will say she has held a serious role on a famous soap opera for about 3-5 years. Before she asked me questions about me such as “where I was from?”, and “what I like to do?”, she asked me things like, “what big movie have you in been in?”, or, “what major TV show have you been on?”. It was just something that made me look at some of the woman here. They just want a bank account and a status. No name needed!

Shame, but that’s not just Hollywood, woman like that resides in all parts of the world! Just don’t let them fool you. Back to business, during the last question, you mentioned your role in the mega flick “American Gangster“. Now how was it to be apart of something of that magnitude? 

Eddie: To be there with those giants [Denzel and Russell] was something I would expect for me to cross paths later in my career, certainly not early. Despite them being living legends, they were very respectable men, which is really rare. They introduced them selves and welcomed me into the project. I really gave it my all and plus some. I even did my own stunts in the film! There’s a particular scene in the movie where Russell had to hit me in the face with a gun. Thankfully, he didn’t actually hit me, but I have got plenty of jokes about it from my friends and family!

What a blessing! You’ve also had the opportunity to work with the great Tyler Perry and his multi-million dollar production company, on one of his hit shows “House of Payne”. I must say, your making a name for yourself already!


Eddie: (Laughs) Hey im trying to! I must say I truly and truthfully respect Tyler Perry. He’s a trailblazer. You hear about his studios, but to actually go there and see this African-American owned company with buildings named after black people who have impacted our culture like Ruby Dee and Diahann Carroll, was really one powerful experience. Then working with Kim Fields, who directed my particular episode, was just an incredible opportunity I’ve always anticipated.

Now thats why we love Tyler Perry! Mentioning love, lets talk it and go into what every CURVY reader is wanting to know. Tell us why you choose CURVY over CURVE-LESS?

Eddie: You know being here in Hollywood, there’s some very beautiful woman here, no doubt about it. But I personally would like the Atlanta’s or DC’s of the world, meaning woman who aren’t trying to be your typical extra thin model figures. I almost want a regular woman like the aunt that you grew up with. The woman who just take care of themselves. I like a woman to have the natural curves that their blessed with. I really appreciates when a woman takes pride in how she looks.

If she has the full lips, the hips, the butt, or whatever it entails, be proud of it. I just love what CURVY stands for which is for me, is having pride in one’s self!

Yes, she’s got the talent and the brains! So what is next for you?

Eddie: A couple of things actually. I currently run my own production company named “N.Y.A.D, which stands for Not Your Average Dreamer, as well as the brand “Eddie Goines & Friends”. We’ve been working hard and have completed a few projects. We recently put out a short film online dedicated to Muhammad Ali called “Ali Speaks”, a project I’m very happy to be a part of. Our latest work, the first comedy, “Eddie Goines and Friends Presents: The Time is Now!” is coming out on Video On Demand in May. It stars comedians Chris Spencer, Guy Torry, myself amongst a couple of other performers. The live show was filmed at the Avalon in Hollywood, and we packed the building! Very excited about that one there. I also just did another short film with Cory Grant, director of “Dysfunctional Friends” which starred Megan Good and Stacy Dash and a ton of another top names, and I’m hoping to start hearing a buzz from that joint as well! I’m just trying to shake the world.


Well we hope to see you in more projects and CURVY had a good time speaking with you Eddie and good luck on your career! Thank you for the interview!

Check below for the trailer of his latest movie.

Oh yea ladies, I couldn’t forget to mention that Mr. Goines is a poet as well!…Well kinda sort of, according to him. Check out his poem piece titled “I Love My Girl, But She Don’t Love Me Back” is totally worth the watch!

Plus! CURVY Magazine & Eddie Goines will be giving one lucky reader an autographed copy of Eddie’s latest project by Magnolia Films, “The Coalition” . Just send en email to with your info and you may be the lucky winner!

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  • Eddie is yummy. But, why so many typos and misspelled words in this piece?

    Miss Berry
  • Previously on #CURVY :: CURVY Chat with Actor Eddie Goines

    CURVY Magazine (@CURVY)
  • Don’t forget to check out @CURVY interview with @EddieGoines on his new film #thecoalition & join the DVD contest!

  • RT @i_Joshyy: Don’t forget to check out @CURVY interview with @EddieGoines on his new film #thecoalition & join the DVD contest!

  • RT @i_Joshyy: Don’t forget to check out @CURVY interview with @EddieGoines on his new film #thecoalition & join the DVD contest!

  • RT @i_Joshyy: Don’t forget to check out @CURVY interview with @EddieGoines on his new film #thecoalition & join the DVD contest!

    CURVY Magazine (@CURVY)
  • RT @i_Joshyy: Don’t forget to check out @CURVY interview with @EddieGoines on his new film #thecoalition & join the DVD contest!


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