CURVY Chat: Villian Billings (@GossipViv) of @VH1's #TheGossipGame

Photo: VH1 (LTR) K.Foxx, Ms. Drama, Sharon Carpenter, Jas Fly, Mona Scott-Young, Kim Osario, Vivian Billings

Photo: VH1
(LTR) K.Foxx, Ms. Drama, Sharon Carpenter, Jas Fly, Mona Scott-Young, Kim Osario, Vivian Billings, Angela Yee

Gossip. Come on, we all secretly like to hear it rather it’s messy gossip like Kanye West suppose to be cheating on Kim Kardashian or good gossip like Kim just delivered a healthy baby. Gossip is gossip. It’s held segments on websites such as and as well as radio with Power1051 and HOT 97 coming straight out of New York City! Gossip has even reached TV with the most gossip filled woman known, Wendy Williams with her Wendy Willams Show. Gossip will remain that secret that everyone knows they carry.
Which is no surprise that media mogul Mona Scott-Young has delivered yet another hot show to popular reality TV network VH1 who carries hits such as Jennifer Graziano‘s series MobWives, and Mona’s highly watched series Love & Hip Hop New York and Atlanta! The name of this creation, The Gossip Game.
The Gossip Game follows seven different media personalities, Power 105.1‘s Angela Yee, Hot 97′s K. Foxx, Radio Personality Candice “Ms. Drama” Williams,’s columnist Jas Fly, Editor in Chief of The Source Magazine Kimberly Osario, Global Grind‘s Sharon Carpenter, and last but not least DaNYCGossipGirl of Vivian Billings, who all cover the urban entertainment market and reside in New York City.
CURVY Magazine had the opportunity to get the 411 the CURVY star of the show, Miss Vivian Billings, on ….what else?…Gossip! She came into the entertainment industry in 2001 as a talent coordinator for “All Access DVD”. Years later she lauched in 2008 which is a site that provides news and “gossip” about celebrities, as well as exclusive content. She went onto co-host with Lisa Evers where she reported news and gossip relating to hip hop and entertainment according to Wikipedia.
CURVY: Thank you for allowing us to speak with you Viv, big fan of the show! Tell the CURVY community exactly who you are to those who don’t know.
Viv – Aww thank you. Vivian is a sista, daughter, a mother and a wife. Im your friend, your confidant and a blogger, that’s who she is.
CURVY: How did you land your spot on the show The Gossip Game?
Viv-I just knew someone who knew the producers of the show. The producer was looking for a fresh new face, they pretty much already had their cast assembled for the show but wanted to add someone new. That where I came in. I went and did some interviews with Vh1‘s executives and they loved me and that’s how I got on the show.
CURVY: Sweet. So tell us what exactly is the show about?
Viv -The show is about 7 different woman in the Hip Hop entertainment world who report on the gossip which sometimes effect our relationships in the industry as well as our personal lives.

Photo: Vh1

Photo: Vh1

CURVY: So you started off in the industry by blogging, what made you want to blog?
Viv-I just wanted to blog because I was around a lot of situations. I’ve been in this industry since 2001 and wanted to write about my experiences.
CURVY: With your website, HipHopGossip.Com, what do you think has been your best blog yet?
Viv-I don’t know, I don’t have a best article. I do have what I think is one of my best interviews and that was with The Haven, who was a former best friend to Jay-Z. He talked about their relationship they had in the past and how it just fell apart and what their relationship is like now. I think this was one of my best interviews.
CURVY: Sounds interesting. What do you think would be your worst interview?
Viv-My worst interview, unfortunately, I would have to say was with Joe Budden. Joe was one of the first people I ever interviewed and I was asking him all the wrong questions! I don’t know if it was from all the nervousness or because my husband was filming the interview, I don’t know what it was. I got the worst comments on it. People told me it was the worst interview ever! I would have to say this was defiantly mines.
CURVY: First time are hard under the spotlight. I’m sure we can all relate. Practice makes perfect! So your site is no stranger to the infamous “cease and desist” letters every aspect of media hates to get. Can you tell us about a time or two?
Viv-“Cease and desist” letter are common in the industry of blogging. If you write something bad about someone, rather it be true or not, sometimes celebrities will reach out to you and sick their lawyers on you. I never had an issue behind them, I’ve always complied with the letter and have issued out apologies. I’m not out to ruin nobody’s character and I’m not here to bash anyone. I’m just here to report what the streets are saying and that’s it.
Photo: Vh1

Photo: Vh1

CURVY: I can see that becoming a problem in that line of work. Have you ruined any relationships you’ve had with someone due to the things you’ve posted on your site?
Viv-I’ve never lost a friend regarding anything that I’ve posted. Have I ever had incidents where words were exchanged by people, absolutely! But nothing to where I would feel like my life was in danger or anything like that. Most times everyone is an adult about the situation and I think just a simple conversation can repair whatever it is that your feeling.
CURVY: That’s good, no need for the extra stuff. Going into The Gossip Game, we see that your a married mother and also works a regular job. How do you find time to blog?
Viv-Well the office at where I was working allowed me to blog on my downtime. So I was able to kill two birds with one stone. I’ve always had a passion for writing and then of course, being a mother and a wife is my first priority. Everything else comes after that.
CURVY: Respect that! Also on the show we see you constantly bumping heads with a fellow co-star who goes by the name “Ms. Drama”. What’s the drama with Drama?
Viv-I really don’t know what her issue is. I think unfortunately, I’m the only one she feels that she can get at because she feels like I’m beneath her. I think that’s why she gets at me. She doesn’t really go after anyone else on the show because she feel like they are on her level or better than her. I also think Ms. Drama has internal issues that doesn’t have to do with anybody or anything on this show! I think she has something going on and unfortunately, her and I get into it because of that.
CURVY: Did you ladies know each other prior to the show?
Viv-Yes we did.
CURVY: In Episode 2 of season one, we witness you jump off in Drama’s face. Do you think she pushed you out your square or are you naturally aggressive?
Viv-I think naturally if you disrespect me, I’m going to disrespect you back. I think that’s a natural human reaction and y’all got to see how i reacted. But out of my zone? Out of my zone is when I start swangin’ which i really don’t like to do. She got me out of my zone just a little bit, but she never got an ass whippin’ which she could’ve gotten. At the end of the day, she never slept with my husband, she never harmed my children and she’s never stolen any money for me, so I had to really think “was this really a beef or somebody just acting stupid?”. It turned out to it being someone just acting stupid.
CURVY: Watch out now! So on a better note, we’ve been viewing your pictures on Instagram and your looking wonderful during this weight loss bid. Why now and how are you shedding those pounds?
Viv-Honestly I didn’t think I was that big until I saw myself on TV. When I saw myself, I was like “good lord!, is that me?” [Shares laugh] It wasn’t a thing where I began to loose weight because of what people were saying. I’m loosing weight because of myself! I did not think I was that big. When people see me in person, they’re like “oh my god, you look nothing like you do on TV!”. I get that a lot. I’m been going to the gym 2 or 3 times a week. I’ve been cutting out bread and rice. Drinking lots of water and just being active. I use to lay up in the bed a lot. [Laughs]
CURVY: You look amazing! So how has the show effected your life?
Viv-The show didn’t effect my life until someone decided to speak out on my child. Besides that, my life has not changed. I’m still able to go to the laundry mat. I’m still able to go buy groceries. Nobody bothers me. You know every now and then, viewers will come up and ask me if I was “that girl from that show” and want pictures. But it’s nothing crazy, my life is still the same.
CURVY: What do you want to get out of being on the show?
Viv-I expect to help build a brand. I hoped to get more awareness to my website. I would love to eventually go into radio. I do have some offers on the table but I’m waiting for things to pan out. And I would love to do more TV.
CURVY: We would love more of you on TV. Especially after your response to a certain co-star’s “manage a trios” proposition from her husband. So that’s totally not an option for you and yours?
Viv-It’s not something I’m never going to be interested in life. I know people say never say never, but I can say never on that. One thing with me is that I’m very opened with my husband and willing to try a lot of things, but having someone else in my bedroom is not one of those things!
CURVY: You guys seem to have a healthy relationship for what we see on TV. How long have you been with your husband?
Viv-I’ve been with my husband for 13 years but we’ve only been married for 3.
CURVY: You guys also are partners in more than marriage. Can you tell us about your clothing line?
Viv-The clothing line we have is called “Rich and Famous” and it consists of snapbacks, T-shirts and varsity jackets. The website should be coming soon. It’s and you can soon make purchases there. We are currently trying to get the website to where customers can design their own custom snapbacks.
Photo: VH1

Photo: VH1

CURVY: We’re going to have to stay tuned into that one. So what can we expect next from you Mrs. Billings?
-You can expect a lot more hosting and club promoting. I actually hosted Jadakiss birthday party back in May. I actually just won an award for “Best Blogger of The Year” from 2012. Possible more radio interviews and things like that. I’m just trying to keep it moving.
CURVY: We wish you well on your journey! Thank’s for letting us speak with you.
Viv-Pleasures all mines.
Make sure you check out Vivian all these social networks! Twitter: @GossipViv Instagram: @GossipViv and check out her site

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