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My name is Autumn Perez and I have been freelancing as a Plus-size model. I love the artistry and creativity behind make-up and hair in which I made the decision to attend Empire Beauty School to become a licensed cosmetologist. I love that I can learn different techniques, be creative and have fun all at the same time when dealing with modeling, make-up and hair styling.


Being a unemployed single parent to my one year old son, a victim of domestic violence and living in a NYC shelter for the past two years, I realized that my life was not going in the right direction as intended, however, with determination and taking the necessary steps to better my circumstances in achieving the goals I have set for myself.

img3My time to shine is now! — With the continued support from my family and Blueberries (supporters) I’ll continue to strive to do my very best, and cement my growing legacy as an inspiring model, makeup artist and hairstylist.



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  • Beautiful. Congrats Autumn

    Cathryn Valentino Ortiz
  • You are a beautiful and strong woman and I’m looking forward to seeing you do big things in the near future!!! Stay strong and keep pushing…you can do this 🙂

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    CURVY Magazine (@CURVY)

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