Dior Summer 2012

Even though we are in the midst of spring, summer collections are popping up and I am so excited to share the launches I have for you today. One of my all time favorite high end brands, Dior is coming with some gorgeous products for the upcoming summer season. In true Dior form, they are covering the spectrum of fabulous quality and gorgeous shades. With glosses, eye shadow palettes, face products and of course nail vernis, they are setting the bar. Here is a look at the Croisette and Dior Summer mix 2012 collections:

Five Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette in Aurora and Swimming Pool


Addict Lipglosses

Dior Lip balms

Dior Addict Lipsticks

Dior Couleur Eye-Gloss, 4 eye-glosses, wet-effect, intense colour, long-stay finish, water resistant. Available in 4 colours: Seashell, Sunset, Azur and Tan.


Two nail varnishes: Saint Tropez in turquoise and Bikini in coral.


Diorskin Nude Tan Nude Glow Sun Powder in six shades.


Dior Enhancing Healthy Glow Powder in Aurora Sunlight and Zenith Sunset

Dior Nude Tan Brush

Dior Summer Mix Collection

Launching in June 2012

This gorgeous collection of glosses and nail varnishes are the epitome of summer itself!! Get ready for Dior bold and brights this summer!


So I am sure you are excited as I am for these fabulous collections to come. Make sure to check out your local Dior counter or go to www.dior.com for more information! Stay bronzed, bright and beautiful this summer my loves! Xoxo

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