Django Movie Unchained and Unreleased!

Unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock, you should know that the nation was hit by another careless shooting, this time the victims were elementary students!
After killing his 52-year old mother, 20 year Adam Lanza, walked into Sandy Hook Elementary School shortly after classes started and took the lives of 26 people (including 20 children and his shortly after) this past Friday. This incident even brought the leader of our nation, President Barack Obama, to tears as he address the issue to the states. And since then, everyone has been playing their part to show support in this terrible tragedy including Hollywood.
“Pulp Fiction” and “Kill Bill” director Quentin Tarantino, was set to release his new movie “Django Unchained” Tuesday. The film stars Jamie Foxx and Leonardo DiCaprio in a wicked tale of a freed slave trying to rescue his wife from a wild plantation owner. The film as already been nominated for 5 Golden Globe Awards and it hasn’t even been released yet! Tarantino good friend and often re-used actor, Samuel L. Jackson, is set to be in the flick as well. I’m also really interested because the talented Kerry Washington is playing the wife the Foxx is looking to get back from DiCaprio!
A spokesman for The Weinstein Company gave this statement to the LA Times:

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the tragedy in Newtown, CT and in this time of national mourning we have decided to forgo our scheduled event. However, we will be holding a private screening for the cast and crew and their friends and families.

This isn’t the first time a movie was postponed due to some dumb ass that wanna shoot people and not just themselves. “The Dark Knight Rises” was also postponed after the Colorado theater shooting back in July.

The studio is still keeping its Christmas Day debut date as of now, and I don’t know about you, but this may be the movie of the year! Will you be in attendance? Watch the trailer below! #DjangoUnchained

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