Editor's Pick: City Chic – Splice Jacket & Dress

Our loyal sponsor City Chic gifted me their stunning  Splice Jacket and Dress for my upcoming media appearances. Ironically I received my shipment the  same day that I was set to host Lane Bryant’s  in-store Model search event with the Curvy Revolution. The event commenced at  6PM but at 4PM I was running frantic, nervous, and had no clue what to wear.  I get a knock on the door and long behold its City Chic’s shipment. Usually when I receive shipments it sits on my desk for a few days before I open the boxes up (slight case of ADD).  For whatever reason I decided to instantly open this shipment and try the clothing on. I didn’t think of wearing the clothing  to the model search but once I had on the Splice Dress and Jacket I couldn’t stop looking at myself in the mirror. The dress was totally Va Va ~Voom.  It gave me a Chic and Professional Sexy look. The only problem I saw with the Splice dress is the cut in the boob area.  I don’t fault City Chic for that. I have a hard time fitting my Double Fs in most garments regardless. The cut of the overall dress can make any shape women look amazing.
I made  a bold move and hosted the event in my newly found  gem from City Chic. The dress was a hit!  I received so many compliments from attendees of the model search. I was asked repeatedly where did I get my attire from.  It actually worked out as a great marketing night for both Lane Bryant and City Chic! I attracted a great size crowd to Lane Bryant and I became the 1st live model for City Chic USA! 🙂
So my MUST have for this week is City Chic‘s  Splice Jacket and Dress. Use the Code: TCR30FS to take 30% off.
Note: The Grey Boots I have on is actually very cute in person for whatever reason it didn’t translate to photo.

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