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Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, colors and textures. So what’s more fun that finding the right items to make you feel pretty on the outside, when you are already beautiful on the inside? In the world of the beauty industry today, there are so many brands to choose from. There are also new lines and collections launching more and more everyday. As a beauty editor, makeup stalker and all around addict, I am always looking into what is new, amazing and a must for my collection. I go through different brands on every end of the price spectrum always searching for great products. I also love to look into independent brands and companies to see how their lines are. In my search, I have come across some lines that have truly impacted my love of color, texture and all around quality of makeup. With that in mind, I want to share with you a few makeup brands that are definitely must tries for the makeup junkie in us all! So without further delay……

Magnolia Makeup

A company founded and created by two amazing Curvy beauties out of New Orleans, Louisiana. There pigments and glitters are fabulous because this is a brand that is all about color! They are growing in their following because their line is absolutely amazing. They are normally featured at The Makeup Show trade events. With amazing shades that range from bright to neutrals, this is a brand that reaches all likes of makeup lovers. The quality of their collections are wonderful as well, with eye shadows that glide on the skin and blend beautifully! This is a must try for those looking for something new and different! For more information, go to: www.magnolia-makeup.com

Pics from The Makeup Show!


Looks and of course their products!


Sugarpill Cosmetics

Founded by the fabulous Amy Doan, Sugarpill cosmetics has become one of the highest growing brands around. With a large cult following, they are reaching new heights with their fabulous shadows, loose pigments and recently featured lashes. This is line packed with amazing shades of color and sparkle, with their iconic logo and gorgeous packaging. They have amazing customer service and Amy herself is more than committed to giving customers the highest quality of product! The shadows are velvety smooth in texture and truly can help make a statement. Amy is an artist in her own right and it would only be fit that she project that into this utterly fabulous line! For more information, go to: www.sugarpillshop.com


Makeup Geek Cosmetics

Founded by the one and only Makeupgeek, Marlena, she has worked hard to finally launch her own cosmetics line featuring eye shadows and recently launched lip colors. She is one of the most coveted makeup artists out of California with a huge following from her Youtube channel (Makeupgeektv) and website. Marlena strives to give all her “Muggies” the tools to allow them to feel beautiful inside and out. She is charming, skilled and virtually flawless in her knowledge of makeup and application. It was only natural that she create a line that would be amazing. With colors ranging from bright to neutral, she covers all the angles. The textures are smooth and rich and feel wonderful upon application with amazing color payoff. With amazing pricing for the quality, you want to check these out. For more information, go to: www.makeupgeek.com

Looks by Marlena:


Her Line:



So I hope these can entice you to check them out. For all the makeup stalkers like me, I know it won’t be a question. It is always fun to learn and discover amazing brands that are launching. I can honestly say that I recommend these brands not only for their quality, but for the love that has been taken by their creators to bring you amazing product. Have fun my loves and remember: Stay Beautiful!!! Xoxo

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