Mad Men and Dangerously Curvy Women

Add 2 ½ ounces of scandal, ½ ounce of sexist male dominated society and an ad agency that serves as the backdrop for an irresistible mixture of a show. Then, pour all three ingredients into a tall glass with dangerous curves, stir for thirty seconds – the length of how long it takes to realize that this show will leave you intrigued to find out just who is Don Draper? -, proceed to strain into a glass that has been chilled by the mystery of what happens behind closed doors. Then don’t forget to add your delectable characters to finish off the drink. Curious as to what the bartender has just conjured up for you? One hell of a cocktail that is – Mad Men.

Luckily for us – we don’t have to wait too much longer for the bartender to bring us a refill. Pull up a chair and make yourself comfortable for a few minutes. AMC’s Mad Men – one of Hollywood’s most delightfully sinful sitcoms that has now inspired numerous trends and introduced us to some of Hollywood’s most curvy ladies – will be back March 25th. Ladies, find a Cosmo and hide your husband – the sexy siren Christina Hendricks will be returning as Joan Harris. And gentleman – make sure your wife is at bridge club because Jon Hamm will be reviving his role as the mystery ridden (and ridiculously good looking) Don Draper.

Since 2007, Mad Men has brought us a behind-the-scenes peek into the era when men ruled the world and women were only allowed to decorate it. Each week, for the past four delicious seasons, we have been innocent bystanders as we watched scandals unfold and lives unravel in the ad agency world of the 1960s. With cliff-hanger endings, amazing fashions, deplorable – yet, we somehow seem to forgive them before the end of the show – men.  And women who we wish saw themselves as more than arm candy for the above mentioned deplorable players of the Mad Men world. When we were first invited to visit the secret world of Mad Men, we find our characters at Sterling Cooper Price. An ad agency that specialized in sex and scandal with an occasional ad actually being done. As the seasons progressed we saw not only the characters evolve, but a whole new agency by the name of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce.

Scandal is Mad Mens middle name. And it hasn’t been stingy when it comes to making sure each character gets its own dose of drama. From Don Draper (John Hamm) the ad executive with his too-many-to-count affairs that would make even some of reality’s most infamous cheaters blush; to the infamous head secretary Joan Harris (Christina Hendricks) and her steamy office affair with a certain key player of “Sterling Cooper Price”.  The writers of AMC’s Mad Men have also made characters that would at first glance seem insignificant, major parts of the storyline. Peggy Olson (Elisabeth Moss) started the series as what seemed to be a small role as a secretary, but has managed to make her way up the business ladder and into many of the scandalous storylines. We also can’t forget some of our other deplorable – yet somehow loveable – leading men: John Slatterly portrays Roger Sterling, a man that only sees in one color – green. We also have Vincent Kartheiser who portrays Pete Campbell – a typical 1960s “Mad Man” who we find out has an interesting link to “Peggy Olson” in the first season. And last – but certainly not least – we have January Jones’ character Betty, Don Draper’s ex-wife.

Last time we checked in with the Mad Men gang last winter, a new engagement had rocked the firm, a fake pregnancy occurred, a house where a family had once resided in was sold and a divorced couple was able to talk civilly for the first time in quite some time – and that was all in the season finale! With an ending like that – what could Mad Men do in season five to keep the momentum that it had in the previous seasons? Critics have been on the rear of the AMC network since we last tuned in for a new episode of Mad Men in early 2011. Hopefully Mad Men will bring the scandal right back to the small screen and keep the naysayers at bay when it returns on March 25th.

Not only has Med Men become an on screen sensation – it has managed to spill over into other various forms of pop culture. Fashions from the show have been brought to viewers via QVC by Janie Bryant and her line Mod Style. The style and class of Mad Men will also be brought to Banana Republic this Fall for a very limited time. If you’re in the neighborhood of a Banana Republic, be sure to ask if it will be hosting one of the company’s “The Mad Style Cocktail Party” on August 11th – a night where you can sip and shop like a Mad Men star. Fashion isn’t the only industry that has been bitten by the Mad Men bug – the wedding industry has been listing it a trend to watch for the last few seasons. Hello sexy suits and vintage inspired drinks and dresses.

When we were introduced to Mad Men, we were also introduced to the curvy powerhouse that is Christina Hendricks. Not only is she an amazing actress, she is an inspiration for all curvy women. She makes no bones about loving her figure – and being proud of it – despite what critics have thrown her way. She has graced magazine covers and red carpets with the same elegance that one would expect from a classic beauty.

Ladies, do you have your Cosmo? Gents, do you have your gin and tonic ready? Are the kids tucked warmly in their beds – this show is definitely not family friendly – and are you ready for the whirlwind that is Mad Men on March 25th at 9/8c on AMC? Be ready for the cult sensation to overtake you and have you thinking twice about your wedding theme and thanking Christina Hendricks for bringing classic curvy back. If you can’t wait until then for your Mad Men refill – you can check out for interactive games and phone apps as well as Netflix for past seasons. See you on the other side of the scandal, readers!

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