Gabourey Sidibe Responds to Twitter Haters

71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals
Do the people talking about Gabby S. think she doesn’t know that she is a big girl?   After the Academy Award nominated actress strutted down the red carpet at the Golden Globes January 12, some people took to twitter to voice their less than kind opinions about the Plus Sized Film-star.

Still, it looks like Gabourey Sidibe isn’t letting mean-spirited comments get her down.


“To people making mean comments about my GG pics, I mos def cried about it on that private jet on my way to my dream job last night. #JK”” She tweeted in response.



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  1. People are just jealous because she’s talented and not a size 0

  2. People are just jealous, she is very talented and very beautiful! I was very happy for her 🙂

  3. I think personally that particular dress was not the best for her. I have seen her in other flattering dresses, she needs to fire her stylist!! I love her and she has a sense of humor despite the idiots in Hollywood & on Twitter.

  4. Tell em like it is woman

  5. I didn’t like the dress because I thought it looked cheap and unflattering. She can work a dress, that was just wasn’t a winner. Nothing to do with her size.

  6. They certainly could have created something more feminine, flattering, and better fitting for her! It’s like they said let’s just throw a shiny tan bag on her. Just because she’s big doesn’t mean she has to look like she’s too big to be dressed up. I blame the designers for stirring up the haters! Smdh

  7. we should just accept a hideous dress because she’s fat and we love her? NO. We want better for her. She deserves better than this hideous dress.

  8. If she felt beautiful she absolutely should wear it…

    People are to judgemental!!!

  9. I don’t like the dress either but her retaliation was brilliant. Ive seen some truly hideous comments, more power to you Gabourey, you rock! 🙂

  10. Way to go Gabby! Haters will always be haters. But you my beautiful girl will always have a loving heart.

  11. Beauty comes in all sizes!!! Go Gabby!!!

  12. Kimberly Victoria Anastasia Johnson I agree curves and looking healthy is good but Gabbi looks far from healthy.

  13. And the skinny ones are the only ones that can look healthy??

  14. People get personal, my friend used to say ” It’s your life so if you like it , I love it”.. not my favorite look on her but , we shouldn’t attack her !

  15. be happy friends the most important enjoy our life

  16. As a plus size woman myself I do not advocate being cruel and saying hateful things about a persons size or weight.
    That being said, most celebrities have what is known as a stylist….they are responsible for choosing a dress or a suit etc for a certain look at a certain event.
    The dress this young lady is wearing does NOT flatter her or do her any justice what so ever. She needs to get a better stylist for future appearances.

  17. I THINK she looks GREAT

  18. people are just jealous she is a beautiful young lady and very talented

  19. The dress looked terrible. And facts are facts, she is extremely overweight. It’s unhealthy, and if she isn’t in poor health now, she certainly will be in the future. And yes, the same can be said for the radically thin. There is a huge difference between body acceptance and diluting ourselves into thinking it is not ok to point out the obvious fact that she is morbidly obese. That’s what you sign up for when you are in the public eye. She is also cast in rolls because she is so large. It’s a novelty. Sorry but it’s the truth. So she can be happy with her size, And that’s fine. But she also needs to understand people are going to have an opinion on it and Keeping with this poor life style… she will be dead by 50. Also I highly doubt people are saying cruel thing because they are ‘jealous’, some people are just cruel to be cruel.

  20. Honey do you and tell them to kiss your a**, you are beautiful just the way you are so i say go girl

  21. Jenny Craig has programs to help with weight loss and self esteem!

  22. Nothing to do with size; the dress was a bad look for her. She has worn pieces that look great on her. People need to stop its not about putting her down…

  23. YOU GO, GIRL!!!!!!! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!

  24. Oh I am sorry. I am on my phone, auto correct stricts again. But of course that does mean I spelled the word incorrectly in the first place. But even so, no actually, I don’t mind if you point out a grammar or spelling error because it’s a public forum and I expect that. And I can assure you I am not stupid, as I was frequently at the top of my class in high school, college and again nursing school. But again, you are entitled to your opinion. I personally feel it is ok to point out that she is morbidly obese because she is a public figure, and that’s what you sign up for when you enter the public eye. I also feel that when one is in the public eye there is a certain amount of responsibility that comes along with that. Perpetuating the idea that it is ok to be unhealthy because “I am comfortable in my skin!” Is a poor message to send to children. While I believe it is wonderful to feel comfortable with who you are and what you look like, no one is born to be 350 lbs. Trust me, this is not coming from someone who is thin or healthy either. I am a size 18. I am just honest enough to admit these facts to myself.

  25. Beautiful inside and out. Keep ur heels,head and standards high Gabby!! Swerve on the h8rs!! A smile confuses them. ? ya

  26. Big is beautiful, and that you are. You rocked that carpet girl. Who cares what others think, what you think is all that matters. You go Gabby

  27. People can be so shallow….no, I dont care for the dress either but shes a beautiful lady…in and out!!

  28. Shes beautiful. ..a strong black women that better keep her head high. Shes doing amazing things….support our sista! We come in all amazingly beautiful colors shapes and sizes! Love u G. May God keep blessing u so u can bless others.

  29. Yur a beauitful young woman dont pay know mind to haters

  30. Good job lol….show the cruel ppl yr not simple….yr deserves everything what u want

  31. I think the dress itself could have been more flattering but it wasn’t hate worthy ,she carried herself with geace and with dignity and you can’t want more for anyone -big or small-than that .

  32. It’s not about her size or the dress…she just needs better foundation garments.

  33. People are gonna hate. They talk about u no matter what size u are! A haters job is to hate! If she wasn’t in all those movies and award shows they wouldn’t even know her! I bet nobody knows them! U go girl!

  34. Gabourey! Is not letting the world telling her what to look like… Be yourself….

  35. I don’t think it matters what size she is. It is certainly no one else’s business. Some people are to caught up in what someone looks like and the person they are.

  36. When you are in the spotlight you are opening yourself up to criticism. Great comeback, but really is her weight healthy, and is she sending a positive signal to other young women that have weight issues. IJS.

  37. You go!! People can be sooo wicked !!

    Woman can get sooo passionate about clothes… We can all get passionate about things.

    Excess body weight is nevertheless a huge killer..but I am sure she knows this and along with her private jet she could lose weight if she wanted to buy hiring a personal trainer… But she is an adult and can choose to do what she wants

  38. My whole thing is there are a lot of other curvy women and men that come down that red carpet and are not a size 0, 5, or even a 12. I hate seeing these bones and rib cages showing through the skin of these celebrities, and don’t forget the A cup breast, I feel they are either malnourished or underdeveloped. Only a dog could want bones! The dress was fine, who is she suppose to look like any way- Angelina Jolie, body of bones and her head is too big for her body and she has those huge eyes that look like she is surprised all the time, feel the only way that she can trap a man is to accumulate as many kids as possible and hell naw brad isn’t going nowhere until all of them are graduating college! IJS!

  39. My thing is it is ok to be different. i am plus sized, but the fact is this pic is not flattering. She needed a better dress and she does need to lose weight. Hell i do to. I just think people could find better ways of discussing it without saying disrespectful things. We all have flaws. And this is not being mean, just honest

  40. Okay, no don’t like the dress, but I’m not wearing it! If she likes it more power to her! Great come back! 🙂

  41. It’s a shame that we (society) often prefer to choose negative comments when we feel that someone is indifferent, or who is not deemed worthy enough to be socially accepted for who they really are. Gabby is a plus sized woman who exempifies grace, style, individuality, and beauty. Kudos to you.

  42. Hmmm… So sending a message to children saying it’s okay to be obese is worse than the one saying women have to be virtually perfect in order to be beautiful? Every one has different priorities, so being at a healthy weight might not be hers. Does it really concern us that she is over weight? Or because she is a celebrity that gives people the green light to tell her what she “needs” to do. It no one’s business but her own. In my opinion, being content with your weight, whether you’re “too fat”, “too skinny”, or “healthy” is a much better way to live than endlessly striving to change how you look- especially if it’s not your biggest concern.

  43. She needs a better dress. It doesn’t matter what size she is.

  44. I love Gabby! Gorgeous and talented 🙂

  45. I Love Gabby think she’s very talented and beautiful! ! but for you all saying she should stay the way she is healthy and what not. i don’t agree she is not healthy and she should get there. im not saying be a size 0 hell im not a zero but be healthy love yourself enough not to kill yourself xoxo

  46. Brianna bishop, if no one is born to be 350 lbs, please explain sumo wrestlers. Extremely overweight in every sense and yet I’m certain way more healthy than you. This arguement that all overweight/obese are unhealthy needs to just stop.

  47. You’re great Sis….work it out!

  48. F*** the jealousy s*** all you hypocrites she ain’t pretty, neither is she sexy so why the hell she’s gonna wear something that in no way complement her body……

  49. Shame on them to talk so negative about such a talented beautiful strong black female. You make it work girl

  50. I believe she knows the way she is, maybe for her she is comfortable that way, the point is that who ever chose the style or the dress for her , does not fit her the right way, and what I don’t understand is why she had to accept that dress? She must of seen herself in a mirror before walking out, I think she should of rejected that dress and just chose something different

  51. They are not born to be 350lbs. You clearly have no concept of health then. Their joints give out prematurely, blood pressure is often high, hearts tend to be strong in the beginning then give out later in the life to do the added work. I am in the medical field, It’s not an argument. It’s a fact. Not all over weight people have heart issues, or long issues. But it will all the added catch up to them in the end, whether it’s diabetes or joint issues it will. Also there is a HUGE difference between being 10-15, even being 20 lbs over weight, And being hundreds of lbs over weight. But feel free to continue to live in a fantasy world. That’s fine.

  52. They are just jealous and I certainly would NOT let them bother me. I too am overweight happy and they can kiss my patoot.

  53. Does that mean that people should be evil towards her, Sirr? I mean the things that people were saying was absolutely rude and mean.

  54. True…she is a beautiful talented young lady..all the more reason for her to start getting her health back on track..overweight is not healthy!!! She’s making great money now so she can afford a great diet…get with Jennifer Hudson or even try the Garcenia Cambogia supplement from Dr. Oz…there are too many things out there that does work…On down the line she’ll become more healthier, more beautiful and more talented!!!!!

  55. Really come on get over it Gabbie is a plus size woman but no need to crucify her over it…. She has lost weight BUT I love her she keeps it real….. You go Gabbie !

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