CURVY Chat: Bre’ly Evans Gives Us a Few Laughs and Fall Fashion Choices

Brély Evans is the very talented, Very beautiful, and VERY funny woman responsible for giving the world a few chuckles in her popular Twix commercial “Do I Look Fat In These” and her hilarious youtube channel “Miss Brely“. Alongside her numerous roles in movies such as The Cook Out 2, Note To Self and Just Wright, and her role as “Tune Ann” in the 2012 remake of  “Sparkle” !  Brély is a vibrant and high energy gal who exudes a fun loving vibe, you just have to love her. Curvy Magazine got the chance to catch Brély live on set of her new film “Let the church say Amen” (Regina King’s Directorial Debut).

Curvy:  Let the readers of Curvy Magazine know who is Brély Evans?

Brély: I am a Singer, Song Writer, Motivational Speaker and some say Comedian !!! I love to laugh and have a good time  .I’d like to see a stress free world full of people living by their gift and talents! I’m Fun, Faithful, Forgiving and Fabulous ( I choose all F words) LOL

With you being a young curvy woman, not being a size zero and having a career in the entertainment industry, How do you think your weight has affected your career, if any ?

Weight has affected my career in a Major way ! If I didn’t have curves I’d still be waiting for the world to recognize me !!! My very first time on TV was a TWIX Commercial Yes it was making fun of my curves but in really cute kind of way.  Then several other commercials all the way to “SPARKLE”… none of my fit girlfriends could have played Tune Ann she was a THICK girl even in the original script! See weight has allowed me an opportunity to get noticed now that I have a captive audience I want to  inspired everyone to get healthy!!! Not Skinny……>>>> HEALTHY!!!!

Your really funny and high spirited. Do you have any tips on maintaining self confidence when faced with adversity ?

Well…when I’m faced adversity I rely on my faith in GOD. So building ones faith is the BEST way to remember that all things happen for our good! Even the BAD stuff! Sometime friends and family are not available and you need help right then and there…so prayer has kept me Strong!

We really love  you for being such a motivational person, Who was the person that motivated you and inspired you to pursue your dreams ?

My family has always supported my dreams from age 3 My Grandmother took me to all kinds of rehearsals and shows as a kid and my parents endured all my request to join a new activity each month so they are truly the reason why I AM!!! But outside of them it would be the entertainers who have really LIVED THEIR DREAMS like Will Smith and Oprah!! They make me feel like I can do anything!

What’s next for Brély ?

Well I am sitting on the set of “Let the church say Amen” right now !!!  I guess this will be next! I’m super excited to be working with Regina King this is her debut film as a director! She is simply amazing and inspiring!! Please don’t forget my film “Sparkle” with Whitney Houston and Jordin Sparks is still in theaters NOW!!

What fashion trends are you most excited to pull out for the fall ?  

I bought lots of formal looking button up shirts its said to be what the A-list actresses wear like a t-shirt so I’m just falling in line as I climbed the alphabet! LOL

 Tell us about you being the new face of Jenny Craig ? What made you decide to go on the weight loss mission and how have you been doing ?

I LOVE Jenny Craig! Not just because the Food tastes great and it really helps me loose the weight but the people that work there really care! They are not just going through the motions! My Consultant is incredible about encouraging me to be successful, the 5k Heart Walk we did with the American Heart Association was a blast and you should see how many of their employees came out to walk! They are serious about beating obesity and I’m a proud spokes person !!!  I decided to loose weight after I spoke to some young ladies at Cast High School in Detroit while I was filming Sparkle. I figured I’m a better role model if I’m healthy! Kids do what they see not what we tell them! I want my life to be an example without me having to say a word!

Im currently at 33 pounds down and headed to 40!!!! I cant wait to see myself! LOL

 Any last words to the readers of Curvy Magazine ?

All I want to leave with your readers is LOVE YOURSELF!! Whatever you choose to do decide to take steps toward LONGER LIFE! Studies show that men PREFER Curvy women …need I say more? I love you guys and keep in touch with me on FaceBook and Twitter/ Instagram @BrelyEvans! oxoxoxox

Bre’ly Evans Twix Commercial

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