This Fall Season Go Purple


As we are into our last month of summer, there are Fall collections popping up left and right. Within that comes the many shades of purple. It seems that one of the most popular colors of the spectrum is going to be the color of the season. With many variations ranging from violets to burgundies, Purple is in the air and here are two of the most gorgeous upcoming collections featuring this gorgeous shade:

Lancome Fall 2012 Midnight Roses Collection




With some of the most gorgeous shades, Lancome brings everything to this collection. The quality is impeccable and the look, flawless~

Estee Lauder Violet Underground Fall 2012 collection


With Purple hues that take beauty to a whole new level, Estee Lauder brings us a transcendental makeup experience with this collection.

So for all the fans of Purple Rain and this ultimately beautiful shade, take advantage and look into these collections. They are marvelous!


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