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WannaWearByTinaO is the new on-line women’s fashion site offering upscale fashions for women with curves at affordable prices. Tina O grew up in the Rat Pack 60s and she was influenced by the fashions of the 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s. Tina believes that these were eras that celebrated and accentuated the naturally beautiful curves of the woman’s body. With her WannaWearByTinaO line, she often infuses cotton with spandex to fit the natural silhouette like a glove.

While most on-line sites offer only basic denims and cottons, Tina’s line offers classic and sophisticated designs. Her fashions are similar to those you would find in upscale stores. Whereas a dress may sell for $600 at an upscale store, something similar (but not the same-this is not a knock off site) may sell on WannaWearByTinaO for $160. Tina also uses the finest fabrics, stitching and embellishments.

Check out and see why “real” women with “curves” are shopping on this site!

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