Are you over 5’9”? Do you wake up from nightmares of you going out in public with ‘high-waters’ on? When you shop for pants, do you check the hem to see how much fabric can be let out?

As a 6’0” tall, curvy girl myself, I feel your pain in being able to find appropriate clothing. It can be such a chore to find pants that are long enough or shirts with sleeves that actually reach your wrist. Not to mention all of the extra money spent on alterations! Well ladies, we here at Curvy Magazine have heard your cries and introduce to you 2 great companies that cater to us tall, Amazonian, Goddesses! No more worrying about your socks showing or rolling up your sleeves because they are too short.

The first company was founded in 2008 by Anita Lamb in response to her frustration at not being able to find stylish clothing for her statuesque frame. When she went shopping with her friends, she found that she would have to buy larger sizes and compromise the fit of the garments or go to the tall specialty shops that carried more demure, matronly styles. The solution: Altitude Fasique – a company that focuses on providing fashionable business attire for women over 5’9”. The company aims to help instill confidence in its clients while creating a positive shopping experience. Pieces in the line begin retailing at $340 and include skirts, trousers and jackets that seamlessly blend fit with function. Ever had a jacket with awful fake pockets? Altitude Fasique addresses that! Another key selling point is that the line is made from a great wool/lycra blend in order to create a premium investment product – no polyester or synthetic fabric here! Your garments will last through many dry cleaning cycles and transition easily between seasons. The line is currently offered in sizes 4-16 and will be introducing dresses and blouses soon. In addition to that, the brand is also focusing on expanding to stores like Nordstrom, so you will be able to touch, feel and try on the clothing at a major retailer near you soon! In the meantime, you can purchase Altitude Fasique on New customers can save 20% on their first order with partner code ‘TCP23’ and discount code ‘TCP2010’. Be sure to insert the partner code when you create a new account.

If you are in the market for more casual pieces, the second company is for you. It also began in 2008 and is addressing tall curvy girls’ needs by offering a custom solution. You (the customer) are able to log on to the website,, specify your preferences (fit, rinse, etc.), input your measurements and voila! A pair of great fitting jeans will arrive about 4 weeks later. One of the new, exciting developments at the company has been the introduction of their plus size Ashbury fit that address that age old ‘gaping in the waist’ issue. The jeans begin retailing at $155 and are available in 4 washes, 3 rises, 6 leg styles and 5 hem styles. You can even specify a button or zip fly, coin or no coin pocket, and the shape of your back pocket! The line caters to women of all body types and relies heavily on data and consumer feedback in order to make continuous improvements to their patterns. Through research, the folks at Indie Custom have discovered that finding basics is one of the biggest problems women face. The company will soon add custom trousers and dress shirts to the line and is looking forward to introducing more granular product offerings (i.e – petite plus jeans). Indie Custom prides itself on being a technologically savvy company – they actually adjust the patterns based on your measurements and save the cut in a database. Fit is also a very important aspect of the creative process for this company, so be sure to check out their YouTube page in order to help you find recommendations for your specific body type. Soon, will be the premier destination for custom apparel!

Happy shopping ladies!