Though it is the dead of winter in many parts of the world, several magazines are already releasing their list of the hottest trends for spring/summer 2011. From 70’s style wide-leg Chambray (denim’s lighter cousin), crisp whites, black lace, animal prints, and neon-like colors dominating many runways, there‘s something that will tickle EVERY fashionista‘s fancy. Fabrics, patterns, and colors were largely varied, though I did notice a shift toward more relaxed silhouettes that would move beautiful in a gentle breeze. Before we discuss my favorite trends for Spring/Summer 2011 and ways to bring your wardrobe up to date, here are 2 ways to make everything you wear look better.


Wearing the correct size bra and panties can INSTANTLY make you look 10+ pounds thinner. It’s said that 70%-85% of woman are wearing the wrong size brassiere. This is alarming considering several stores major retailers (Lane Bryant, Victoria Secret and Fredericks of Hollywood to name a few) offer free measuring and fittings. I myself walked around for YEARS spilling over my C-cups to later discover DD fit me like a glove. Us heavier-breasted woman will usually spend a few more bucks on superb décolletage, but it is a wise investment that will increase your confidence in and out of your clothing. Additionally, higher-waist pants flatten the tummy and help you avoid that dreaded “muffin top.” Boot-cut and wide-leg pants that touch the floor slightly give the illusion of a longer bottom-half without wearing heels. It’s also imperative that you find a local tailor and shoe-maker; they can assist you with alterations, finding shoes cushions, ECT. You‘d be surprised how an additional seam in a pair of jeans can take you from bland to Va-Va-Voooom. #ThankMeLater


No matter how cute an outfit is, when you can barely walk and/or breathe in it, #EPICFAIL. Fabolous summed it up well “Louis Vuitton shoes/she got too much pride/her feet are killin her/I call it shoe-icide.” On several occasions I’ve traded in comfort for style, but YOU COULDN’T TELL. Beauty often does equal pain. However, if you can’t “fake it ‘til you make it” like the celebrities that walk in 6 inche stilts like their a pair of Air Max ‘95, you should find a shoe (or whatever uncomfortable piece of clothing you’ve forced yourself to wear) that is more suitable to your taste and well-being. #TrustMe

What’s HOT


Finding a flattering width wide-leg pants (without them looking like bell bottoms o_O) can prove difficult, especially when you have larger hips and thighs. A wider-leg pant does an excellent job of balancing out the figures of woman who are larger on top with slimmer legs. However, I recommend going with a boot cut. It looks good on most shapes and sizes. A long inseam will also elongate your legs, making you will appear taller and slimmer.









While there are many ways to incorporate lace into your wardrobe, lace tights are the most versatile. Even a small section of them showing between a knee length skirt and a calf-high boot, lace makes practically ANY outfit look a little bit sexier.







Crisp White

It’s hard to go wrong with a crisp white button-up shirt. You can layer it with a sexy camisole/tank or go bare with a few buttons opened. White is always in season, and can brighten up the dullest of ensembles. If your courageous, a pair of white cargo’s are a MUST HAVE for the spring. I haven’t found any yet, so if you see some PLEASE email me.








Animal Prints

Prints and patterns draw the eyes to wherever they are placed. The one limb on the body that most women are comfortable in accenting is their feet. Busy designs look best when worn in smaller doses. Animal print shoes, handbags and other accessories are the best ways to work the festive design into ANY wardrobe.










Bold and Bright

This is the perfect time to mix and match your favorite hues! Sunshine yellows, neon blues, emerald greens, snow whites, the possibilities are ENDLESS. This is by far my favorite trend because it allows y ou the most creativity. And everyone that knows me knows that I LOVE COLOR.
If you are most comfortable in blacks, browns, beiges and neutrals, the easiest way to incorporate color is in your accessories. Hot pink watch, fire red headband or neon colored pumps are all great ways to brighten up the dullest of attire.







The one trend that never goes out of style is

CONFIDENCE! It is the universal accessory that makes everything look better.

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