Making the most of what you’ve got is a sure fire way to make a great impression, whether that be at a casting, a go-see or even just a meeting.

And nobody knows this more than self proclaimed “rounder girl” Kelly Osbourne.

At a recent event in LA, the petite British style queen said: “Because I’m short — and I’m not calling myself fat when I say this, but I’m a rounder girl, I’m not a stick — I wear stuff that fits my curves.  “I’ve always dressed the same, but before I wasn’t able to fit into the clothes I wanted to wear. I just think I’m very me. I’m the girliest tomboy you’ll ever meet.”

So just how does she decide on those gorgeous flattering outfits of hers?
“As cheesy as it sounds I think getting dressed is a really emotional experience. I get dressed for how I feel. I’m not the kind of girl that has to go to the party and be the prettiest girl in the room. I want the most comfortable,” she said.

So there you have it – if you want to confidently stylish like Kelly, then remember to dress for your shape, your comfort and your mood!