How much do we love being girls! Being pretty , being sexy , being Eco-responsible… wait , WHAT! Yes my lovelies , being fashion forward and being Eco responsible can be compatible . I will show you that it can be easy being green .

So how many clothes do you have that you have not worn in a month? A year ? FIVE YEARS? Guess what , it’s time to purge the excess, and give some other diva the chance to be fabulous in your cast offs . Do not throw away any thing that is still usable . Have thee piles , one for keepers ,one for things too far gone to wear ( not out of style , out of wear ) and one for the giveaway pile.
You can call your local charity to simply come by and pick up your beautiful cast offs , or you can join your local Freecycle and give it directly to a person in need. Either way you get to help your fellow man or woman , clean up the homestead and free up some closet space, which is a triple win!

Remember the first pile ? The keeper pile? Yes how many of those things have you not worn in a while? I know I am guilty of the “ I have nothing to wear” shopping and yes, that increases your carbon foot print . Every time you use your car, assuming you are not driving a full electric car , you are adding to the fluorocarbons in the air .
Repurposing items are also a good way to reuse item; tee-shirts used for layering , necklaces can make beautiful bracelets , and a too short for winter dress can make an adorable tunic over jeggings . And those are just a few ideas. Have fun with it!

I am a major advocate for resell stores , both giving clothes to and buying clothes from. You can find beautiful barely used clothes there , and not only reducing the level of discarded usable goods ( 85 % of clothes thrown away every year are usable) but keeping a little bit of the GREEN in your pockets.
If you have any sewing skills , you have the amazing power to bring beautiful clothes back from the dead . go a little bit old fashioned and get a sewing box , putting aside the things that are fixable ( split seams , holes in pockets) and even taking a look on line to see ways to completely recycle things , like turning regular sweaters into shrugs and making old things new again . I love threadbangers ,and Ginnyl on YouTube but there are a lot of other resources online to give you great ideas . . We can take older jewelry and make new pieces (pearls , loose gems , and beads can be easily collected to make new things), Creativity is the biggest and best tool in our green tool box .
On this beautiful EARTH DAY remember that we are a part of a Grander and Greener world . Every day we have the opportunity and responsibility to be bright , beautiful and eco conscience .