Thick is the new sexy,not news if you have been paying attention. From our skinny Curvy Sisters like Rhianna, Kim Kardasian , and Beyonce Knowles to the thicker of the thick like Monique we have left the back of the bus and come to the Fore-front with our big butts right behind us.

Still we have to worry about crossing the line . We have to be honest with our selves we have bigger breasts , bigger booties and out right MORE of what makes a woman sexy. So we must be careful about what not to wear,or at least what not to wear all at once.

Remember that you should choose to show one thing ,and cover the rest . Show your cleavage , but not your thighs or vice versa . Your actual butt cheeks should not EVER be seen in public if you are not on the beach . Cleavage has a two inch maximum , no matter how big your actual breasts are , during the day . During the evening you still need to make sure that your nipples are fully concealed. No part of the dark should show.
Okay , now on a personal note . I love to see a confident sexy full sized female but I like to believe that we are not JUST the sex in the sexy . We are allowed to be subtle, to be sweet, to be pretty with out taking out our camera phones and snap a shot of our whole rear for facebook. Yes,thick is the new sexy , but it can also be the new classy.

Brie Stoll

Brie Stoll is a writer, she has been writing for the last 28 years and has been published in several magazines and poetry reviews under her various nom de plumes. Her first published story “The Goddess” was featured as a storyline in the movie “Relax its just sex”. She has worked behind the scenes as a ghost for several writers. In 2010 she returned to the vocation that she loves with her blog , and is currently working on her first mystery Novel .

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