You know that one movie where a newly college graduate happens to be seduced my a much older, highly attractive, sexy family friend named Mrs. Robinson?

I’m talking about the classic film The Graduate. Well, in my 28 years I’ve always heard about it but never saw it until a couple of weeks ago.

The movie (famously celebrated for it’s risky plot about a young man falling for an older woman, but later falling in love with her daughter, Elaine) is pretty good and it was interesting to see Dustin Hoffman early on in his career. I also loved Ann Bancroft and her portrayal of what is now a vintage “Cougar.”

But what intrigued me the most was the amazing sense of style her character, Mrs. Robinson, had. Obviously, her clothing was styled by a costume designer, but indeed the clothes are something to appreciate and imitate.

In the scene where Mrs. Robinson invites Benjamin Braddock into her home after his graduation party, the beauty is donning an outfit that could not escape my mind. I remember it vividly. Her outfit was something quite fascinating. A gold and black slim-fitting tiger printed dress hugs Mrs. Robinson’s curves and is laid over by this beautiful black sheer fabric that is stunning.

It got me thinking that I had to have an overlay dress just like the sheer one in the movie. Soon everything sheer popped into my peripheral. Sheer dresses and pants and skirts have been hitting shops, boutiques and even online and I couldn’t be happier!

I know that sweet little Benjamin ends up falling for the lovely Elaine at the end, but it’s no wonder why he fell for the seductive Mrs. Robinson. Something we can all use for our wardrobes, Mrs. Robinson’s sheer clothing and mature, mysterious demeanor was just sheer genius!

Mrs. Robinson’s Killer Outfit.  Cougar Indeed!


Here are some lovely sheer pieces that Curvy has been drooling over.

Torrid Sequin Trim Mesh One Shoulder Dress

Forever 21 Sheer Wide Leg Pants. These are to die for!

Forever 21 Polka Dot Button Up Top

ASOS Curve Exclusive Chiffon Sleeve Midi Dress