Hello my Curvy Angels! Are you ready to hear about a fabulous line of hair accessories? Sproos is a fabulous line of cute and chic hair accessories for everyone.  Melissa Matos, the founder of Sproos has truly worked hard to share her talent as she creates gorgeous items that are perfect for every occasion.

She is a recent art school student living in NYC with a flare for the creative. She is a lover of cute items and has spent a lot of time browsing through stores in search for what is fresh for her creations. Her mission was to create something that was available to the everyday woman.  So she creating Sproos in May 2011 and has truly caused a buzz.



Ranging in everything from bows to flowers and headbands, her pieces are truly adorable. I find myself loving and using them for so many events.  What I love as well is that certain items have a pin as well as a clip for the hair. They are versatile and perfect to use in several ways. I highly recommend you looking into them.  This is a line that is growing greatly within the YouTube and online communities. The variety of items are what attracted them to me the most. With everything from solid flower pins to leopard bows, this is a brand that I will always look to for new looks, styles, etc.  So if you are looking for a trend on fabulous hair accessories, go to www.sprooshop.com and check out this great collection. I look forward to coming to you with another incredible item! Stay beautiful…..