Hello ladies! Thanks for the warm welcome to the Curvy Family! I want to start off with my 5 basic tips that will help you on your way to looking like a fashionista no matter what your size are you are.

1. Start With The Right Undergarments

Wearing the proper  undergarments will not only make you appear slimmer by smoothing out any unflattering bumps but they will also be more comfortable to wear throughout your day. According to industry studies it is believed that more than 80% of women wear the wrong bra size which could include you. If you find that your cup runneth over or your bra straps dig into your shoulders and the back strap rides up, it may be time to get properly fitted by a bra expert.

2. Avoid Shapeless Clothing

Back in the day, muumuus were the choice coverup for plus size women however we no longer need to settle for the shapeless sack styles any longer. Wearing large shapeless garments will not make you look slimmer but will do the opposite by making you appear even larger than you actually are. By choosing properly form fitted  clothes you will accentuate and flatter your full figure, actually appearing slimmer in the process.

3. Black Is Not Always Best

If black colored clothing is the most predominate color in your closet, it is time to explore some new color choices for your wardrobe. While it is true that black can be slimming when used correctly, for a lot of women this color tends to wash out skin tone making you appear pale and drawn. Adding some color combinations to your wardrobe will not only brighten up your complexion but it will draw attention to your facial features.

4. Large Patterns Are Not Always Friendly

If you love flamboyant patterns and think larger is better then you may not like this…the rule of thumb is that the size of the pattern should match your actual size so if you have been graced with added inches then you can get away with a larger print. Opposite of that is if you are smaller in stature that you should stick with smaller prints. Another pattern to watch out for is the stripe. While vertical stripes will actually make you appear slimmer and taller, steer away from horizontal stripes as they will visually chop up your body and make you appear heavier, placing emphasis on wider parts.

5. Picking The Right Size

If you are one who is adamant about what your ‘actual’ size is then you may be setting yourself up for disappointment. Most clothing manufacturers have their own sizing charts so what might be a size 18 by your favorite designer may actually be a size 20 in another plus size clothing line. Rather than focusing on a size, go by what actually fits your body type and flatters your figure. Use online clothing companies’ sizing charts to help find the right size in the item you wish to purchase.

I’ll be exploring more Curvy friendly fashion tips in my upcoming posts. Make sure to email all your fashion questions to kev@curvyrevolution.com let’s get you KC APPROVED

Kev Couture

Published Celebrity fashion stylist, personal shopper, buyer and wardrobe guru. After spending over a decade in the fashion industry Kev's philosophy is "looking stylish is not about chasing every fashion trend but improving your overall look." Get KC APPROVED.

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