Ladies I’ve found the perfect jeans that will hug your curves like your ex boyfriend that has not seen you in years!!!! And you won’t have a gap in the back.

Let me introduce you to PZI Jeans. PZI  sets itself apart from the competition by being the first entire line devoted to creating jeans that fit shapely women’s bodies. If you often struggle to find jeans that fit around your ample hips and thighs, these jeans are made with your body type in mind. For this reason alone, PZI has a loyal patronage of women who will tell you that these jeans fit and flatter their curvaceous bodies. Now in terms of styles available, the question to ask here isn’t whether you can find skinny jeans, cropped jeans, or wide leg jeans that will fit your curves, but rather what style of jeans CAN’T you find by shopping PZI Jeans? Within their collection of skinny jeans alone, there are over 10 different styles to choose from. Also no matter if you’re short or tall, you can order jeans with the correct inseam length.There sizes are from 4 to 18 and at a price range from $60 to $100 dollars.These jeans fit the actresses and movie star Lisa Raye so well with her curvaceous body,that she that she has come out with her own collection called the Lisa ray collection, which will feature all white jeans.

You can find pzi  jeans online at or at macy’s department stores.

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