You do not have to be a size 4 to find a pair of jeans that fit your curvy body. Finding a great pair of jeans to fit your curves no longer has to be a experience in frustration as many designer and manufacturers have started to make jeans that fit different body shapes. If you have struggled in the past to find a proper fitting pair of jeans then it may be that you are not choosing the right type of fit for your shape. Check out the different shapes as well as some tips to help you find your next pair of perfect jeans:

Pear Shape
If you have problems finding  jeans to fit your pear shape – a small waist with bigger hips – then choosing a mid to low rise jean is a good solution for you because the waistband does not fall at the smallest part of your waist. Also picking out a pair with a a little bit of stretch will allow for a little more room in the hip area

Apple Shape
If you carry your weight around your middle and have smaller hips then the challenge is finding a pair of women’s plus size jeans that don’t sag at the crotch and give you a muffin top when done up. Look for mid rise boot cut jeans that offer tummy control. If you can, avoid wide leg and trouser pants as they can make you appear to look heavier than you actually are. Because your smaller hips and thighs are one of your best features you don’t want to hide them with the wider leg. You may want to try out a pair of skinny jeans if you like that style though you will want to make sure your top balances your top.

Hourglass Shape
One of the bonuses of having an hourglass shape is that you often have an easier time of finding clothing as your shape is evenly proportioned. Look for mid rise jeans with either a boot cut or slight flare for a contemporary look. Make sure you don’t choose too low of a rise as you don’t want to be exposing your rear when bending over or sitting down. Trouser jeans are also a good alternative for wearing to dress up your look for Friday’s jean day at the office.


When picking out a new pair of women’s plus size jeans, no one really wants to wear mom’s jeans. Today’s trends tend to lean more to darker washes, fading and distressing though you do want to make sure that any embellishment on pockets accentuate your curves rather than drawing unwanted attention to those features you would rather keep under wraps. Skinny jeans are a fun alternative for the cuvry women and look great paired with a tunic top or t-shirt and vest.

By dressing for your shape, you can find the p jeans that fit your curves properly without sacrificing comfort. Depending on what you plan on wearing your jeans for, pick out different jeans with different washes and embellishments for some variety in your wardrobe.And remember to email for all your fashion question

Kev Couture

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