I have heard rumors for the last few weeks that Jay Dunn,  Award Winning VP of Marketing for Lane Bryant,  left LB and took a pretty hefty job over at Bare Necessities. I don’t like hearsay and I wasn’t going to be nosy and drop the marketing genius a email  so I left that gossip alone. But today  I  was surfing  Linkedin when I saw a recent update from Jay’s page. I checked out his page and long behold Jay has listed as his current position “Chief Marketing Officer at Bare Necessities”.  So the rumor isn’t a rumor , the guy responsible for Lane Bryant’s controversial commercial with Ford model Ashley Graham that generated over $43 million dollars  in earned media, has resigned. It’s also rumored that Jay got a HUGE pay upgrade and a percentage  of ownership of the Bare Necessities brand. Get that money!

Out of all the corporate heads I have had the pleasure to work with I can honestly say I like Jay. He’s a smart dude and too cool for school (and apparently Lane Bryant). We wish him much success and hopefully we can get Jay to bring the curves over to Bare Necessities.

UPDATE: Jay tweets the news and makes it official!

@JayDunnOnline News! I’ve left Lane Bryant and joined Bare Necessities as CMO http://ow.ly/62zPe. Join me on FB http://ow.ly/62zRt

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