Curves are back with a vengeance!” said Sandy Jean Philippe, on E! Networks hit show, “Bank of Hollywood.” The CEO of One Chance Entertainment is excited to announce the 2nd
annual “Evolution of Curves” Tour presented by Apple Bottoms. The focuses of the tour is the same as last year; to Help Haiti and represent curvy women in a positive light. Sandy has partnered with Haiti Cherie Heritage Foundation in donating proceeds of the tour to help rebuild communities in Haiti.
The Evolution of Curves tour officially Kicks off in Los Angeles, California on August 14, 2011 with a stunning fashion review that earned huge thumbs up and rave reviews last year, this team of full-figured, curvaceous beauties put on an explosive, high energy and smartly choreographed show, leaving the audience in awe. Many of the scenes are expressed through hip hop choreography creating an exciting blend of today’s fashion and the Mainstream culture.

Among the lines featured throughout the tour will be presenting sponsor Apple Bottoms, an international fashion lifestyle brand that caters to stylish women of all shapes and sizes created by the celebrity recording artist Nelly. Apple Bottoms specializes in a stylish fashion that takes pride in creating the perfect silhouette that highlights the curves of every size woman. Launched in 2003, Apple Bottoms by Nelly has continued to expand and in addition to juniors and plus sized clothes now include: fragrance, jewelry, cosmetics, eyewear, footwear, handbags and home bedding.” There will be several designers featured on this tour that caters to the curvy size consumers to learn more about Apple Bottoms by Nelly, please visit

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Haiti Cherie Heritage Foundation
The Haiti Cherie Heritage Foundation is a 501(c) (3), tax exempt, non-profit organization. HCHF was established on January 20, 2009 to address the needs of rural communities in Haiti by fostering collaborations between grass root organizations, local Haitian governmental agencies, and Haitians living abroad with roots in these communities. The goal is to discuss, plan and work together for growth and the future of these communities.

For more information about Haiti Cherie Heritage Foundation please visit

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