Curvynistas! My name is Danielle. As my bio states I am a former fashion-reality show contestant on a pilot that only lasted one season. A blink-and-you’d-miss-it competition show for Elle Magazine, entitled Stylista. We received less-than-favorable reviews (and that’s being nice) and the show was forgotten, but forever lives on in youtube clips (and my mother’s DVR, five years later). I was the bigger girl amongst a scattered bunch of rail-thin women, some who avoided food on camera, some who avoided food altogether. As for me, I swore when I felt the need, raved and ranted to producers, cried when the pressure became unbearable and ate whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, even if the cameras were rolling. As “real” as I thought I was, the editing process wasn’t so kind to me. I was portrayed as a walking stereotype, a weaken version of a person I could barely recognize once the tape played back, that of which years later still sometimes haunts me. That being noted, a lot of great came from the show. Once the winner was chosen, I went home, had a near nervous breakdown and then realized that I had to change the way I looked at myself if I was ever to expect any one else to. I quit my job, broke up with my long-term boyfriend and set sail for a new life sixty miles away. The road here hasn’t been paved with ease but it has given me the experience to know what I want out of life. And with the sob story out of the way, I am ecstatic to be here, blogging about all things fashion for the fabulous girl who loves her curves. I hope you’ll have me.

Now, let’s get to the goods.

Holidays haven’t always been my favorite time of year. There are the family commitments, the office-party grab-bags, the unavoidable travel, the extra expenses, and of course, finding a flawless new years outfit. Because I abide by the idea that how you end a year is evident of what is to follow for the next 365 days, I have to make sure I look amazing and that is why the stress of scouting the perfect party dress has has its very ups and very downs. I have deleted many pictures of new year’s past off of my digital camera because I felt I didn’t look as great as my friends. But more seriously, I hadn’t felt good in the things I wore. Luckily there is a whole retail world out there who have taken on the task of creating gorgeous frocks for the curvy girl to fit any occasion she may call for. Below are a few of my favorite party looks that I pieced together from different online retailers, all of whom offer styles in sizes made for exclusively for us. With ten days left until the ball drops, here are a few inspirational outfits to get you excited about 2012. Happy hunting!

Rock & Roll

Faux-leather, spiked heels & a splash of red keep you rockin' into the New Year.


Own the night in subdued sparkle & you'll always be ready for your close-up!

Black & Gold

Black is always in. Funk it up with a fun accessory or a pair of playful tights.

Dani Ohh

A former fashion reality contestant, born & bred in new york city. She has been styling & dressing real girls in her native city for five years and is happy to bring her experiences to the blogosphere.

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