Wearing Harem Pants…no longer must you fear. I must admit I was a little apprehensive about the harem pants silhouette until I actually tried it out. Thanks to Asos! I’ve tried on countless pairs from different stores with some hits and quite a few misses. But here’s what I found out…not all harem pants are the same and depending upon where you get them from dictates a lot.

But the two main things you should look for;

If the pants sit high, cinch at the waist and pants with pleats

Pleats will be your best friend, seeing as how harm pants are cut wider at the hips than at the bottom (which i love btw). Some women feel they’ll look wider buuuuut that’s why pleats make like all the more better. Not only do they make the pants look chic they actually allow for a much more flattering look.

Me in my favorite harem pants

With that being said, once you find with awesome pleats now you want to make sure they are rather high waisted. Simply because it would allow the pants to sit right around the narrow part of the your waist. It allows for ALL THE CURVES to come out and play. If the pants have belt loops that is an even better win for you. I mean you can’t go wrong. Most harem pants have pockets #win. You don’t want to shy away from pockets (cause pockets are awesome duh!!!) Pockets on harem pants contrary to popular opinion does not make you look bigger.

Finding the perfect pair of Harem pants, can take some time, but once you find them, you will not be disappointed. But of course you have to play around with the pants to find the right outfit, and playing dress up is always fun. Me personally, a great top, harem pants, a blazer, pumps, with a large clutch and I’m ready to strut! What about you ladies?