After over 3 and a half million views on  youtube the plus size fashion week that started it all is back again for its 5th year heating up the cat walk in Brazil.  CURVY got the exclusive scoop for you about this trailblazing event.

FWPS directors Ana Cristina de Souza and Renata Poskus Vaz

Dark clothes, fake furs and fishnets in contrast to the femininity of lace, hot pants and corselets in a setting reminiscent of the European winter, with snow, trees and dry leaves. It is in this atmosphere that the organization of the “Fashion Weekend Plus Size – FWPS,” a fashion event that caters to the XL size, held a photo shoot with five plus size tops to divulge theWinter 2012 edition of the event.

The five models, who can be seen on the catwalk of the upcoming FWPS, scheduled for February 11 and 12 at the Frei Caneca Convention Center, in São Paulo (SP), represent the diversity of Brazilian women. In them, we see the blend of ethnicities that gives rise to a unique beauty, which is recognized and valued worldwide. Aged 21 to 38 years, some are just now starting their careers, while others are veterans and have starred campaigns throughout Brazil.

Organized by Super 2 EventosFWPS, the main fashion event for brands that cater for mannequins from size 44 in Brazil, is directed by journalist, model and businesswoman Renata Poskus Vaz and by journalist and entrepreneur Ana Cristina de Souza. The event expects to welcome about two thousand guests, including retailers, journalists and opinion makers. In addition to the shows, the FWPS has a Business Lounge where guest shopkeepers can not only get to know, but also place orders for the models launched by the 20 participating brands. For the third time, the FWPS is sponsored by the Frei Caneca Shopping Center.

FWPS director Renata Poskus Vaz: “The FWPS is currently the most democratic catwalk in Brazil, as different biotypes appear on it. It is proof positive that all women can now dress with modernity and style, regardless of having wide hips, large breasts or being tall or short.” And she continues: “The brands selected for the lineup of the event inspire Brazilian women to identify with what they see on the catwalk and to wear those products in their daily activities, since what is featured there is not a merely conceptual, rather the finished product.”

Winter 2012 Fashion Weekend Plus Size”

Date: Feb. 11 and 12, 2012 (Saturday and Sunday)

Shows: from 3 PM

 Business Lounge: from 2 PM

Place: Centro de Convenções Frei Caneca

Address: Rua Frei Caneca, 569, 4º andar – Consolação

São Paulo – SP

Rating: G