Leopard can be a difficult print to wear. If worn improperly Leopard can look tacky and completely over power your would be fabulous outfit. However, if used correctly Leopard print can make a drab outfit look fierce.

Leopard print has evolved over the years, going from exotic and expensive, to versatile, trendy and affordable. With a wide rage of fabrics, textures, sizes, and accessories, Leopard print is great  for any occasion.

Layer your favorite outfit with a Leopard print coat or go bold in a leopard print skirt and polka dots. What ever your style, Leopard print can add drama to any wardrobe.


If you want to try Leopard print but don’t know how; The February 2012 issue of In style Magazine offers a few tips about how to vamp up your style with Leopard Print.



Stylist Penny Lovell says,

  1. “Pay attention to fabric and cut. …Finish with understated extras like a thin belt and platform pumps for a just-sexy-enough date night look.”
  2.  Go for soft abstract print that isn’t quite as bold.
  3.  The large spots make a big statement, but the conservative cut of the dress balances the effect.
  4.  Choose a flowy shape rather thana tight-fitting dress.
  5.  Use simple sleek add-ons to complement busy prints.


If you still aren’t ready to add this bold print to your wardrobe, don’t worry. You don’t have to run out and purchase a leopard print dress. Start  small. Try mixing solids like black or tan with a Leopard print top, pumps,or knee high boots.

Add a leopard print belt or clutch to a black pencil skirt for added drama.

Top off your favorite coat (black) with a leopard print scarf or a great pair of leopard print gloves. If leopard print  is too wild, try animal or zebra prints instead.

Nathalie Lagneau/Catwalking/Getty Images, AMBER De VOS/PatrickMcMullan.com

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