Being the plus size diva that you are , it can be frustrating trying to find sexy lingerie that fits your curvy figures. For others it is a fear, the thought of even wearing lingerie outside of your clothing brings a drop of sweat to your brow. Have no fear ,EVERYONE can wear lingerie and you don’t have to spend loads of money on it. We  have  the the best-of-the-best of plus size lingerie! Now,  you can feel and look sexy in beautiful lingerie that will out your inner vixen!


When shopping for lingerie you want to remember these helpful tips: 

When starting your collection , start with a nice neutral bra and panty set and slowly start building up to the lacy and silk teddy’s, corsets, even leather.
  1. First things first measure yourself. You want to make sure that you have accurate body measurement, if you go into a store of you buy online it will make the process alot easier.
  • Most important Bras-When measuring, wear your best fitting, unpadded, most comfortable bra. This will position the bust correctly. Standing sideways in front of a mirror, measure under the arms just beneath the breasts (1st measurement ). Make sure the tape is parallel to the floor. If it is an odd number add an inch. That is your band size. For cup size (2nd measurement) measure around the fullest part of bust. Refer to the table below to determine cup size based on the difference between the two measurements. For example: If the 1st measurement is 39 inches, you would add an inch, for 40 inches. If the fullest part of the bust measures 43 inches, the difference is 3 inches (from the original measurement), and according to the chart below the bra size is 40C.

2. Know your body  what do you want to enhance and what do you want to hide (don’t worry we all have something). When shopping for lingerie keep your body in mind…no curves are made the same ;-). If you go into a store always go with what YOU feel great in and don’t believe all sales associates who simply want to sell you something they think looks good on you, don’t be afraid to say no.

3. Pay for quality. If you purchase your lingerie from the .99 cent store most likely it wont survive the first wash.  You pay for what you get ladies that is the golden rule. If you want it to last you are most likely going to pay a pretty penny for it.

Being a woman , you should never loose your femininity. Lingerie can not only heavily boost your confidence, but it can spice up you relationship. Try lighting some candles and turning on some romantic music. When you feel good about yourself there is a positive spark in the bedroom. The most important thing to remember is to be comfortable in your own skin. No matter the shape of your body lingerie can allow you to look at yourself in a whole new light. Be you, be CURVY!

So the moment you have been waiting for, where can you purchase?!

Hips and Curves

Sizes 1x-6x , A-JJ cups


Standard Torrid Sizes (see individual items for sizes)


Sizes- 1x-3x


Sizes vary per item

Always for Me

Sizes- 16w-26w

Bare Plus by Bare Necessities



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