Featured designer, Michigan F.A.S.H. Fest 2012At the Premiere Festival, Michigan F.A.S.H. Fest’s final showcase, cutting edge apparel and accessories were presented in Shain Park, Birmingham. On the runway, Meridith Lorde gave life to the ‘rebel, rock, and recycle’ theme with a tribute to Detroit rock; and Ikhonic Brand provided makeup that was ‘on the edge’. In the gallery, Dina LaMontagne metals, Zera Couture’s DaVinci-inspiration, and Robin Fogg leathers were few of many on display. Hats and headpieces went head up in ‘Head to Head’ competition.

Authentic era styles and fantastical accessories were apart of the ‘Strolling Fashion Showcase’. Rebecca Rene models and winged women of B Flyy Creations worked park walkways. Despite negativity that surrounds Detroit, there are positive people and trends worth celebrating.

B-Flyy Creations


With over 10 years experience and semi-finalist status for Project Accessory, creator and CEO Nneka Jackson shared her inspiration and motivation for others:

From west or eastside? I’m actually from both. Both? Born on the east, and spent a lot of time with my grandparents on the west. I’m well rounded.

Shain Park, Birmingham

Accessories or makeup? Definitely accessories. [My business] started after making pieces for my daughter. I’ve designed hats, belts, handbags, headpieces, and shoes. I would like to have at least one line mass produced. Can’t do it all myself, but I want to be hands-on. Every design is one of a kind. I collaborated with Bella Artistry for makeup, Renee Frank and David Clifford for hair.

Favorite trend this fall? Usually I’m a vibrant girl, but I’m into black and white this fall.

Why did you choose butterflies? When my sister passed away in 2006 I saw butterflies. They stand for transforming into something beautiful. I consider it my rebirth. My logo and company name incorporate butterflies. One of my hats, with red and black butterflies, is in the competition.

What would you say to someone who aspires to follow a dream, start a business, or enter a challenging field like fashion? Detroit has trendsetters. Someone saw my work and said they see it Paris. People are familiar with fashion from other places, but I make sure they know style comes from Detroit. You can be out-of-state and recognize Detroit. Yes! For anyone who’s from [Michigan], do what others feel or say you can’t do. I taught my children there’s more to the world, but it starts here.


Photos by Terance Drake