“The show was a homage to the African woman and their sensibility to dress up,”Treacy told the London Evening Standard on his reason for choosing all black models.

Treacy’s show was a true tribute to the style of late pop star Michael Jackson. What stood out the most fro everything was the cast of 25 black women. The show was opened up by Lady Gaga , but the models stole the show. Everyone was amazed by the unusual choice of models. Normally you would see a mix of different ethnicity,  but not here. The famous hat designer used everything from feathers to LED lights. Treacy, who became a popular name after designing  hats for Kate Middleton and her sister and of course Lady Gaga. For some one who hadn’t staged a runway show in London in 13 years ( according to the Guardian) this was surely one to see.

“The real sign of progress is when we begin to see black women integrated into the runway in a regular, consistent and organic way, rather than just popping up as a sign of tokenism to fill some sort of quota. So while these all-black moments can be great for sparking dialogue about diversity on the runway… we need to see black girls on the runway as often as we do on the street,” Kenya Hunt, style director at Metro International told The London Evening Standard.


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