Jinkes! This has to be the biggest kept secret never told and I’m so happy to share it with you. If the leaders of the fashion world had a pyramid of power who would be at the top? I think we could all agree the Editor of Vogue Magazine (currently Anna Wintour) and whomever controls the runway during New York Fashion Week being at the top with a slew of your favorite designers falling right up under. But did you know one of the two on the top of the pyramid is actually Plus Size?


Meet Christina Neault executive producer of Mercedes-Benz  New York Fashion Week for IMG Fashion. Yes THAT Fashion week, New York’s largest media event. Ms. Neault produces and oversees every show at Fashion Week at Lincoln Center while managing over 500 employees. Not only have she been involved in the production of New York Fashion Week since 1998 she also produces Miami Fashion Week which combined is over 250+ shows a year. Wait, let’s run this back. The producer of Fashion Week is plus size.  The one that controls New York’s catwalk …is…PLUS…SIZE…. Let that sink in for a moment.

So just how did this AMAZING Curvy Chick under the “radar” get her start?

“I went to the Fashion Institute of Technology and got a part time job Xeroxing press clippings for a trade organization called The Men’s Fashion Association (MFA). They did press events for consumer and regional press. Part-time turned into full-time and within a couple of years I was their fashion show producer. MFA started downsizing as the fashion editors and regional newspapers started going away and I began freelancing with some of our 300+ members doing events, fashion shows and public relations. During that time, I became a venue manager for 7th on Sixth and shortly after IMG purchased 7th on Sixth, I went full-time.”  – Christina told FashionSchoolDaily

A graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology, Ms. Neault immediately began working in the fashion industry, and soon became the Fashion Director at the Men’s Fashion Association, working with brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and Hart Marx. Following her time at the Men’s Fashion Association, Ms. Neault discovered her intrinsic talent for producing fashion shows, television segments, and galas, having worked with clients such as Cotton Inc, Dallas Market Center, Operation Smile, The View, Today Show, QVC and the NFL Kickoff.

In May, We directly contacted Ms. Neault for comment. She nicely directed us over to IMG’s PR department who politely declined. No surprise there. But the fact that she actually responded to our email for that brief 5 minutes pretty much changed my out look on life forever.  The entire plus size industry have  fought for the respect for years to be under the Fashion Week’s tents. But in a sense we actually control the tent. Now that’s what you call a real Curvy Revolution.

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