When I was growing up, I was always a little pudgy kid. At 16, I had lost like 80 pounds. It was the skinniest I’d ever been, so I took complete advantage. I always had a small waist, but I wanted to show it off more. I wore a few belly bearing tops back in my day. But I was still considered plus-size and curvy women didn’t wear crop tops.


When I thought about crop tops, I always had this in mind. This is how it should look…like a Baywatch actress.


Nope. It’s 2013. Women (and girls) are more comfortable with their bodies and accepting the fact that everyone is different and it’s ok. The curvy diva above rocks a short sleeve tribal print crop top with high-waist liquid leggings.  


I looooove this crop jacket look. She is bad ass on top and business at the bottom.


She works her crop top, making it grunge chic.


So here is the verdict on crop tops: just like every other piece of clothing on the market, some people can wear it and others will still try to wear it. Do it classy, chic, and sophisticated, and if it works then go for it.